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Welcome to the Class of 2019!

As our Year 8 pupils prepare to leave Walhampton, we wish them a warm welcome to our Alumni Community!
26 Jun 2019
Class of 2019
Class of 2019
We welcome our forty new alumni to our community. Our Year 8 pupils all passed their CE exams and got into their respective senior schools. The pupils achieved a wonderful set of results with 85% of the grades awarded being either an A or B. They deserve great credit for their focus and hard work leading up to these exams.  A special mention must go to Charlie (History) and Charlotte (French and Geography) who gained the top mark of all applicants to Sherborne.

There were 15 scholarships awarded in total to our Year 8 pupils in a range of areas (Academic, Sport, Drama and All Rounder) to the following schools: Ballard, Bryanston, Canford, Clayesmore, Clifton College, Hampshire Collegiate School, King Edward VI, Marlborough College, Millfield, Priestlands, Sherborne, Sherborne Girls, Shrewsbury, Talbot Heath, St Mary’s Ascot, Winchester College.

Here's what our leavers had to say about their time at Walhampton in their Leavers service on 5th July 2019:


Toby Hamilton
I came to this school in Year 5. My form tutor was Mr Reed, who was really welcoming.
In Year 6 I joined Mr Hall’s tutor group, with whom I am still with today. He has helped me with many French homework assignments and general prep too.
Walhampton has increased my self-confidence more than any other school and has made me feel part of a huge family. I would like to thank every teacher who has helped me throughout my school career, and to achieve exam results of which I am so happy with.
It is sad that my time here is coming to an end; my experience at Walhampton is one that I will never forget! So thank you everybody and goodbye!
Charlotte Usher
The last five years at Walhampton have been the best years of my life. I have made so many friends and have so many unforgettable memories that will be cherished forever!
One of my best memories here was when I was picked out of the Sorting Hat at the Christmas Dinner and had to sing the last verse of the 12 Days of Christmas.
I have learnt so much from my teachers and they have helped me to achieve my goals, including getting into Sherborne.
Walhampton has been an amazing journey and has really built up my confidence. I will truly miss Walhampton and would like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way.
Ranulph Raymond
I’ve been at Walhampton for nine years and have made a lot of friends and memories.
I’ve had some good times, such as visiting Mull in Year 7, and some bad times such as being injured during the football season and being off games for three months.
I’ve had many good teachers and with their help, I thankfully got into Winchester.
Charlie Arnison-Newgass
I have been at this school for a very long time; in fact I have been here for five years now!
Walhampton has very good grounds and facilities. It is amazing to go on walks and spend time outside.
The classrooms are also very nice and good for all the different year groups.
Overall Walhampton is an amazing place and this is why people should come here!
Loel Hickman
I joined the school in Year 5 and I have particularly enjoyed these past four years very much.
My favourite thing about Walhampton, besides the people, are the beautiful grounds.
It was so great to move from a small school in the middle of London to a big school in the New Forest.
I would like to thank all the members of staff who helped me get to where I am today.
Most of all, I want to thank Mr Lloyd who has been an incredible Maths teacher and an incredible tutor. Mr Lloyd has always been there when I have had a problem and has a great sense of humour!
James Keen
I joined Walhampton in Year 3 at the age of eight from a small primary school on the Isle of Wight. This was a scary transition because I was not used to a big school and I struggled to remember the layout.
Over the years my confidence has grown and I have made many friends. I have so many happy memories of Walhampton, the Expeditions Weeks and other activities. However, one of my favourite times has to be History lessons with Mr Stanley. He makes you jump, and always understands how to make lessons fun! Also, thank you to all my teachers for helping me through the Common Entrance exams.
It is going to be hard for me to leave this school but as the saying goes, all good things come to an end. I will never forget this school; it is a truly special place.
John Conor Alphin
I joined Walhampton in Year 4 and have enjoyed every moment!
I have been given so many opportunities and I would like to thank all the teachers who have helped me on my journey towards senior school.
Also, I have really appreciated how both staff and pupils show respect and kindness to all.
I will never forget my time at Walhampton and the friends I have made!
Luca Freeman
As I look back on my nine years at Walhampton, I feel so lucky to have been part of this friendly, caring and supportive community. However, I feel now is a good time to leave as I have been so well prepared in the lead up to the next stage of my journey.
From solving puzzles and taking part in nativities in Pre-prep to representing the school’s first team and achieving an academic scholarship to my senior school in Year 8, Walhampton has been gradually nurturing me into a more confident, respectful and resilient person.
I feel very lucky to have been taught by so many amazing people who care for all of us, and who do everything they can to help us develop both as pupils and people. In particular I would like to thank the teachers who have helped me with subjects that I found hard, and have also be instrumental in making me the person I am today:
Mr Lloyd, who has gone above and beyond to ensure my growth and development as a mathematician.
Mr Stanley, who has been consistently supportive throughout my academic scholarship and an inspirational History teacher for the past two years.
Mrs Mann, who has helped me improve hugely and made Latin surprisingly interesting.
I would also like to thank Mme Perry, Mr Fulton, Mrs Marshall and Mr Westerman who have all been amazing with their help towards my scholarship.
And last, but by no means least, Mr Elliott. Sport has been a massive part of my time at Walhampton and it has given me so many opportunities.
Finally I want to thank all my friends who have always been there to make me laugh and feel at home and relaxed while at school. We have built up strong friendships over several years and I will miss them all lots.
I will truly miss Walhampton and I feel that no one could wish for a better education or start to life.


Camron Hine
I have had some great times at Walhampton, particularly during Expeditions Week, Inter House Competitions and Sports Day.
Thank you to all the teachers for their time and for always listening!

Edward Ducker
My best memories of Walhampton are being chosen as Captain of the 2019 cricket team and the Year 5 Expeditions Week.
I remember Pre-prep as being a happy and safe environment to be in, and Prep has been fun and made me more independent.

Rafa De Tomas
Thank you to all the teachers and staff; they have been so helpful with my learning.
Being at Walhampton has been such a great experience, I’ve had the best time!
Also thank you to all my friends who have been with me in both good moments and bad moments.
I will miss being here so much. So goodbye and thanks!

Theo Horne
I have very much enjoyed my time at Walhampton. My fondest memories are of sitting with my best friends, chatting on the Faraway Tree and playing magic with them and Mr Webb.
Thank you all so much for teaching me and being such good friends. I will try to keep in touch with you all.

Isabel Pyatt
I joined Walhampton when I was two and have had so many happy moments and fun in my time here. Some of my most favourite memories have been made during Expeditions Weeks, like when we went on the pirate ship ride at LegoLand in Year 4.
I want to say thank you to the teachers who have helped me to learn, and I also want to say thank you to all of my friends.

Mauro Fouz
It is difficult to choose, but probably the five things that I’ve enjoyed most of all at Walhampton are:
Firstly, how good everyone has treated me, whether they be teachers, staff or pupils. Secondly, all the different subjects and other things that I have learnt this year. Thirdly, the food! In fourth place is Expeditions Week, which was absolutely amazing! And last, but not least, boarding! The Boarding Parents have helped me so much. I’ve loved it here. Thank you!

Morgan Munro
I would like to thank all my teachers for some great lessons and the chefs for the amazing food at Walhampton.
The Expeditions Weeks have given me the most memorable times here. Walhampton teachers work so hard in order that we enjoy it.
When I first joined Walhampton I was not at all confident, but being here has given me such a boost!

Elizabeth Mathies
I am very grateful to all the people who have helped me during my time at Walhampton.
I would like to thank all of the teachers I have had. From Mr Webb in Year 4, Mr Clarke in Year 5 to Miss Leakey in Year 6, they have helped me to become a resilient person and push myself.
In Year 4, Mr Webb would turn a bad day into a good day by making us laugh. In Year 5 my best moment was performing The Jungle Book. Everyone found it fun and enjoyable and it made me realise how much I love drama. In Year 6 I liked meeting lots of different teaches and getting to know them better.
With my friends, one of my highest moments was when I was sad. They were all so kind and made me laugh!
Thank you everyone; I will miss you all and remember my time at Walhampton.

Georgia Keen
I have been at Walhampton for just under two years and have made some amazing friends, who always help me and make me smile. I moved here from a school in London and I have really enjoyed the grounds at Walhampton.
My favourite memory from my time here is the Arts Festival when I played Margo from The Durrells. Another favourite memory was when I found my best friend, Annabel.
Thank you Walhampton for such an amazing time, and thank you to all the teachers for their hard work.

Blanca Trénor Perinat
This is the end of my second year at Walhampton. I first joined Walhampton in 2015 but left. I guess it was my friends, the boarding staff and the memories which made me come back!
This year I have learned so much about friendships, History and Geography. I will never forget the great times I have enjoyed at Walhampton.
Guy Fitzwilliams
I first joined Walhampton as a two year old, and now I am in Year 8, ready to leave.
I have enjoyed Walhampton a lot! One of my best memories is visiting Mull. I also enjoyed Forest School when I was little, and countless activities and games in the grounds.
I have had so much fun with my friends, like swimming in the lake with James. I really hope I keep in touch with my friends and Walhampton.
Benji Floyd
Although I’ve only been at Walhampton for one year, I have some amazing memories, for example, the Globe Trip to watch Romeo and Juliet. I have also played in many sports teams and have enjoyed every match. I feel so privileged to live here with the beautiful grounds and facilities.
I would like to thank all the teachers for helping me get through the Common Entrance exams, and also my friends who have made life here fun! My time at Walhampton has been one of my most favourite years of my life and I am very sad to be leaving.
Poppy Speers
The past five years of Walhampton have been really fun. I have been on lots of expeditions, including Mull and Wales. I have really enjoyed boarding and playing lots of sport, including becoming County champions in hockey.
I have made many life long memories and friends. I particularly remember Blanca jumping from the top of the Faraway Tree!
The teachers have supported me along the way and helped to increase my confidence and become a better person.

Louis Smith
I joined Walhampton in Year 3 and have had some great moments with some great friends!
My most favourite thing during my time here is the riding; the teachers are always there for me whenever I’m feeling down, which I really appreciate.
At Walhampton I have made new friends. My teachers and friends have made my six years here amazing. I will miss it a lot!
Ruby Wu
I have enjoyed my time at Walhampton. I liked the activities we tried in school and I have learnt many new things. I have also made friends in this school.
Julie Van Loon
My time at Walhampton has been unforgettable. I’ve learned a new language and on top of that I’ve made lots of great friends here.
I first joined Walhampton in Year 7. Walhampton has helped me prepare for the future and it has made me more confident as an individual.
I’m happy to be part of the Walhampton community and I have lots of fun memories to take back to Belgium.

Ini Brain
Although I have only been at Walhampton for two years, it has been packed with many happy times. I think that friends have been a big aspect of Walhampton for me, as they have helped me and made me laugh a lot.
My favourite memory is of the visit to Mull; this trip was so memorable because of the midges and an uncomfortable bed. But apart from that we managed to climb Ben More, the highest mountain in Mull. It was tiring and such a relief when we reached the top!
I would like to thank all the teachers who have taught me and prepared me for the Common Entrance exams. My time here has been great, and I’m looking forward to moving on.

Elliot Cawte
I have been at Walhampton for nine years and have loved my time here. I have made lots of friends, experienced many amazing things and feel so lucky to be at a school with such amazing grounds.
One of my favourite experiences has to be Year 6 Expeditions Week at PGL. I remember being terrified about going on the Giant Swing, but I conquered my fears and after I did it the first time and enjoyed it so much, I wanted to do it again!

Panda Price
I’ve been at this school for five years. During this time I have learnt so much.
One of my favourite memories is going to Expeditions Week at PGL. I found the Giant Swing such fun but also scary.
Thank you to all the teachers who have helped me get to where I am now. Walhampton has helped me grow to love sport and to get into Sherborne Girls.

Chai Brown
I have had many amazing times at Walhampton. One of my fondest memories is when we were doing cross country, and as many of you know, cross country isn’t my favourite sport. I thought it would be a good idea to swing on a goal post but unfortunately it didn’t end well. During my time here I have also done many things which have taken me outside of my comfort zone, such as Expeditions Week.
This school has helped me achieve many things. All the teachers have helped, but I would like to single out a few: Mrs Miell, for being so supportive during my time here; Mrs Bates for pushing me in drama which led to my scholarship; Mrs Mudd who has always made me laugh and helped me discover my love of music; Mrs Pickance for making the last two Expeditions Weeks some of my most fun and memorable times of my life; Miss Knight for always being there during tough times and who has been almost like a big sister rather than a teacher. And last but not least, Mr Stanley, who has not only taught me in History but helped me love history. Thank you.


Fleur Walker
I wouldn’t be the person I am today, if it wasn’t for Walhampton; I have had many ups and a few downs, as well as making lots friends along the way!
I love loads of things about Walhampton, but in particular I love the riding. I have always loved horses, but my weekly lessons with Ms Blatchford always make me smile no matter what has happened that day, whether we are going through a dressage test ready for a competition that weekend, or playing gymkhana.
I have also loved the boarding and the amazing activities they put on in the evenings. I would never have enjoyed boarding if it wasn’t for Mr & Mrs Cullum, they always make everything such fun. The yearly trip to Splash Down is always great!
I will never forget my amazing journey through Walhampton. I’m so thankful for all the wonderful experiences whilst here and all the support from the teachers.
Edie Abbott
The past four years spent at Walhampton have been some of the best years of my life. I have made many great friends and unforgettable memories.
My favourite parts include boarding, Expeditions Week and spending break times and activities laughing with my friends.
The staff have helped me build up my confidence and achieve my target of getting into Bryanston. One of my most memorable times was when Mr Miell took the 1st rounders team to Rivaz restaurant after having an unbeaten season!
I will never forget my time at Walhampton; it has taught me important lessons in life whilst inside and outside the classroom.
Emily Humphrey
I have been at Walhampton for six years, since Year 3.
So many people have helped me with achieving my goals such as Mrs Bates, Mr Mills, the Miell’s and my tutor, Mr Cullum, who allowed me time to prepare as much as possible for my scholarship.
The Gaps have made boarding such fun, and thank you to all the Year 8 girls in Boarding – Poppy, Ed, Fleur, Blanca, India, Chai, Ruby, Katherine and Scarlett.
Rodrigo Estalella
I came to Walhampton in Year 6 with a lot of fear, due to the fact that I spoke a grand total of three words in English: “hello”, “bye” and “parrot”! Despite this, I enjoyed my first year here, both during the daytime and in boarding.
Boarding is like a great family where you know someone will help you if you have any kind of problem. It’s made up of a team of staff members who make every effort just to ensure we are happy and comfortable.
During school time, teachers are always helpful in every single subject and category: academic, sport, music and drama.
Expeditions Weeks are always the highlight and I would just like to thank all the staff; some of my fondest memories are of those weeks.
Thank you to everyone at school for making these three years the best of my life so far!
India Dusanjh Auty
My time here at Walhampton has been a very memorable one. I will miss it, and cherish the memories of the experiences I have had with my friends over the past five years.
The friends I have made here have been the best; they have helped get me through hard times and have made me laugh so much!
The bus journeys to matches in Year 4 with Mrs Miell and in Year 8 with Mr Cullum were fun, they always made us laugh so hard.
The Boarding Team, the Gaps, Ed, Chai, Blanca, Poppy, Emily, Scarlett, Katherine and Fleur have also made me laugh endlessly. Mr Miell has left me in tears of laughter and the Cullum’s have helped me in many different ways.
Thank you to all the teachers at Walhampton for helping me get into Millfield (particularly Mrs Griffiths for helping me with my exams), and for giving me a great foundation in life!


Charlie Cogan
Even though I have only been here for four years, they have been the best years of my life so far. I’ve had endless opportunities, both sporting and academic as well as all the extra activities on offer!
I’d like to thank all the teachers for helping me pass CE. Mr Stanley has always been there for me and helped me pass both his subjects with flying colours. I’d also like to thank all the English teachers for helping me get the grade I wanted.
I have thoroughly enjoyed playing rugby at Walhampton alongside my friends, as well as having Mr Elliott’s and Mr Krysztofiak’s support as coaches.
Being Head of Shackleton has been great fun. We may not be the most successful house, but we did manage to win the House Party at Easter, which was a bonus! Everyone in Shackleton is really friendly and made me feel welcome from the start.
Finally, thank you to all the teachers for all they have done over the last four years. I will miss Walhampton and everyone in it. Thank you.
Ollie Cornwell
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Walhampton and all the opportunities I have been given.
All the teachers have helped me get to where I am at the moment. These past three years have been some of the best years of my life. Walhampton has prepared me for my next school. It has also increased my confidence and leadership skills.
My favourite memories of Walhampton are playing rugby and sleeping after a long day at Mull.
I am sad to be leaving Walhampton and my time here will be a treasured memory.
Lee Zheng
I like Walhampton, it is a very good school. Walhampton has given me a lot of brilliant memories.
Being an international student in England was hard because here is completely different to my own country, but Walhampton has helped me a lot with the language problem and socialisation.
I have also liked playing new sports here.

Alexander Pyatt
I have been here for years and have had a great time! I would like to thank the teachers who helped me get good grades, including Mr Lloyd, Mr Stanley, Mr Fulton, Madame Perry and Mr Westerman.
My favourite time at Walhampton has been whilst playing sport. The teachers have helped me to improve.
I will always remember my time at Walhampton and am sad to leave.
Tizian Jaeger
I first arrived at this school one year ago, so I have only been here a short time. I have enjoyed boarding, playing all the different sports and taking part in a number of activities. I have enjoyed playing football a great deal.
Thank you for such a wonderful year and a really big thank you to the kitchen for such wonderful food every night!
Santi Sesto Cosby
I joined Walhampton in Year 7 from Lymington Juniors, where matches were scarce and games sessions were once a week or maybe every two weeks. So coming to Walhampton was amazing! Walhampton has massive grounds and four games sessions a week, plus a match every Wednesday afternoon.
Although I am looking forward to moving on, I am definitely going to miss it!


Labis Gurung
I have enjoyed my three years at Walhampton.
My most favourite Expedition was during Year 6 when we went to PGL with Mr Stanley. The activities were outstanding. The things I will miss most about Walhampton are: all the teachers (my favourite one was Mr Nish); my friends; the big grounds; and the brilliant education this school provides.
I would also like to thank Mr Cullum for being the best tutor and making boarding more enjoyable, and Mr Nish for having a great sense of humour.
Fernando Palacios Amat
At first I thought of Walhampton as a normal school which makes you work all day and gives you not so good food. But after a few weeks (yes, I take a while to get accustomed to things), I saw that this is no ordinary school. It has more activities and more vacations than an ordinary school. Plus the food is much more delicious than at a normal school.
Now I can admit that this school is my favourite. If I were asked to recommend a school in England to somebody, I would suggest this one!
Kit Griffiths
Jule Elsasser
I’ve been at Walhampton for nearly two years and when I first came I actually couldn’t speak any English. I remember Mr Stanley saying “how are you?” and I answered “Jule”.
It was really fun meeting new people, learning English and new sports.
My favourite thing with the boarding house was visiting the New Forest Water Park. I remember saying that I wanted to go again and Chai replying that I would have to stay next year, and I did!


James Frame
I joined Walhampton at nursery. The journey to Year 8 has been very long and I have learnt a lot!
There have been so many opportunities and events to take part in, such as Expeditions Week. The school has helped me to become who I am now.
Katherine Smith
My time at Walhampton has been the biggest ride of my life! Coming to Walhampton at three years old, I didn’t really understand what was going on. Walking through the Kindergarten door with new faces all around, people welcomed me with open arms.
I have gained bonds that can never be broken with friends like Scarlett Roe. We have been through thick and thin together, and 11 years later we are still best friends.
Walhampton has taught me how to be confident in myself and shown me to appreciate humanity in every aspect of life.
Walhampton was my first home, and I shall miss Mr Stanley’s gusto and his making people jump everytime!
So thank you Walhampton for all the memories.
Isla Troup
I have been at Walhampton for 10 years and have enjoyed every second of it. I have made many memories and I won’t forget anything.
My funniest memory is when in Year 6 we had an unbeaten hockey season. Mr Cullum took us to Costa. I was drinking my hot chocolate when Annabelle Vines made me laugh and the hot chocolate went all over Mr Cullum and inside his phone case!
I have made lots of friends and laughed a lot. When I joined in Pre-prep, the school was called Hordle Walhampton. I remember having Forest School and making popcorn and bug hotels.
I will miss this school and all the people I have met. I will never forget Walhampton.
Scarlett Roe
I have been here since I was two years old and have loved every minute of it. I have experienced some great and not so great times; my friends have gone through everything with me. From my first day to my last, I have learnt to appreciate every moment you have with the people you love.
My life at Walhampton isn’t just my friends, but also the teachers, particularly Mr Stanley who has been there for me.
I will miss this school dearly.
Beatrice Duignan
I have been at Walhampton for the past 10 years. During my time here, I’ve learnt a lot, in and out of the classroom equally, such as how to treat others.
My favourite things about Walhampton are the amazing grounds, and the possibilities and opportunities on offer. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all my friends and making unforgettable memories with them. I hope we will be able to stay in touch.
One of my favourite memories is from Pre-prep, going down to Forest School in our red overalls and making hot chocolate and bug hotels.
It’s hard to believe how quickly the time has flown and that I’m standing here in Year 8, ready to leave! I would like to thank the teachers for helping me to get into Marlborough.
I will miss this school so much and never forget it or anyone. Although I will miss Walhampton, I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life!
Sam Webb
Throughout my time at Walhampton, I have been lucky enough to take part in countless activities, expeditions and (most importantly) Latin lessons.
I remember walking through the Pre-prep doors on that first day and here I am now, all these years later. I have loved every minute of my time here. This school has helped me gain confidence and expanded my horizons. Although I will miss this school, I feel that I have been well prepared for my new school. 
Finally, I would like to thank every member of the school family for making this chapter of my life so special.
Charlie McNair-Wilson
It is amazing that my time here is already at an end after 11 years. I don’t think I could find a more homely and welcoming school.
I have really enjoyed exploring the grounds and going to Forest School in Pre-prep. My most fond memory of Walhampton is of the Year 8 Expeditions Week. My favourite part of it was when we went white water rafting. I remember that all my friends got splashed by the waves!
I also love the teachers and how they have given me so much support. I have made so many close friends and hope that I stay in touch with them.
I would like to thank everyone for their loving support along the way to CE. Thank you.

Jamie Woolley
I am coming to the end of my second year at Walhampton, and both of these years are ones I have enjoyed thoroughly.
I joined Walhampton at the very end of Year 6.  When I arrived I was… slightly different to the 13 year old boy I am now. I moved from the busiest place imaginable, London, and I’m sure those of you who have resided there for more than a couple of weeks will know that it is a very, very, busy place and can be overwhelming. I was shy, defensive and frankly, not a very amicable person. Over the first year I was slightly more friendly to those around me, but still very awkward socially. It’s therefore hard to believe that just one year after that, I am leaving Walhampton with a great set of Common Entrance results and some hopefully long-lasting friendships.
I think this change really comes down to the people and the environment. Over these two years the people here have changed me so dramatically, I think my past self from before wouldn’t recognise the person I’ve become.
I would like to say thank you to all the teachers at the school, past and present for doing a great job helping every pupil here. I want to also express my thanks to our two leaving Boarding Parents, Mr & Mrs Cullum, and our Assistant Boarding Parents, Mr & Mrs Miell, as well as the nurses who have been available to talk to whenever I have needed someone to explain my problems to. My life would not be the same without their help.
I also want to say a very special thank you to Mr Stanley for always listening and being a great mediator in the many moments when I have gotten on the wrong side of the rule book, which I will be honest and admit has been on more than a few occasions.
Last, but not least, the one person who was so amazing, I don’t think I can possibly describe my gratitude to him. That person is our miracle-worker of a headmaster, Mr Mills, who was the primary reason I even came to this school. The minute I walked out of the large double doors of the front hall after my tour, I turned to my parents, and in my most polite voice, told them that there was no need to continue looking as I had found the perfect place for me. And so, two weeks later, I had my trial day and approximately one month later, I started my first term at Walhampton.
I know I’m rambling by now, so I’ll make my conclusive point: I want to say thank you to everyone here, to all my peers whom I’ve laughed and played with, to all the teachers who have taught me lessons I will never forget, and to all of the members of our community, old and young alike, for creating an amazing atmosphere to perfectly complement what I believe is one of the greatest schools out there.
Thank you.

Well done to all our leavers - we hope you have a fantastic summer and wish you all the best for your time at senior school.
Please remember to check back in with us from time to time!


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