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OW 1970s - L-Q

Details of OW (surnames starting L-Q) as previously featured on the Old Walhamptonians website

Rugby team
Rugby team
The information below was kindly provided by Laura Wade and Ralph Montagu (Sept 2015), as featured on the previous Old Walhamptonians website:

Old Walhamptonians L - Q 

Tim Leask (New York, USA)
Left in: Jul 77

Taught at University in Colombia, South America, for a year from 1985 to 1986.

Very very happily married to Marica, who is Maltese. I met Marica in Malta in 1987 when working there. Moved to Rio, Brazil in 1990 where our first son, Daniel, was born in 1991. Returned to UK in 1992 via a very brief spell in Mozambique during the civil war. 2nd son Nicholas was born in UK in 1993 and daughter Julia was born in 1996.
Moved to Trinidad in 1997 where I ran a merchant bank for a year or so. Participated with great enthusiasm in Trinidad carnival which was much more fun than the Rio carnival in which we also participated.

Returned to UK in 1998 and then moved to New York in 2002. Have just bought our first house in US in Long Island. My boys, Dan (almost 15!) and Nic (13) play manhunt most evenings in our neighbourhood which seems to me to be their equivalent of a number of trips across the roof to the clockhouse!

David Letchworth (Gateshead, T&W)
Left in: Jul 77

Have been married and divorced! No children.
Been an ESL/EFL (English as a Second/Foreign Language) teacher for about 17 years. (7 years in Australia; 6 years in SE Asia; 1 year in Saudi Arabia; 2+ years in Europe).
Became an Australian citizen about 5 years ago (now have dual citizenship!).

I currently work at Newcastle University Language Centre.

Claire Lindesay [now Forster] (Tunbridge Wells, Kent)
Left in: Jul 75

I live in an oast house yes they are hell to furnish even plugs don’t go flat against the wall. married to William, two kids called chatty (15) and felicity (14), 1 dog called Juno, Chickens at the moment but soon to be incarcerated into the deep freezer. Usually have egg laying ones too and hope to start that again soon.

Current work: At home, keeping the fires stoked. I am interested in making herbal remedies from the garden and stocking our larder with goodies. We have an orchard with about 25 apple trees many different types and send most of our crop off to be made into wonderful apple juice. We also look after some sheep quite good mowers on legs but not great on the stripes. Otherwise I work for various voluntary organisations such as our local hospice, working as a home care volunteer. This involves visiting people who are incapable of escaping and chatting to them for a couple of hours, (how else will I get people to listen to me). I also read the local news onto tapes for the blind and get to say and its goodnight from Claire. This must link back to all those reading competitions I tried for at Walhampton, (Mr Knox! ) Do I like the sound of my own voice or something!

Best memories: Climbing frames. Trump cards, sick walk and all the dirty jokes I didn’t understand. The caravans and even then we made potions. The friendly atmosphere at the school.

Bad memories: Junior camp, I had to go on it every year until my mother rescued me (did get my own tent though).

Tony Lindesay (Winchester, Hants)
Left in: Jul 77

School, army, commercial estate agent, residential estate agent, married 1988, estate agency business management, 2 kids (boy Freddie 1990, girl Penny 1993) own business in property.

Best memories: Summer Camps and the woods were great, 
Worst memories: Being told by Mrs Bradfield I was a hypochondriac when I had torn the ligaments in my knee was quite a low point, together with a report from JB telling my parents that they should not expect too much of me! (Obviously I was not their favourite and a crap student to boot!!). 

My son went to Pilgrims School and played against Walhampton several times in matches. I was very impressed when Miss Toomey (Now Mrs Elphinstone), recognised me on the side of the pitch 20 something years later).

Richard Lord (Guernsey) (NEW) 
Left in: Jul 72

Went to Canford School 1972 to 1977.
Went to Humboldt State University in California to study fisheries 1977 to 1981
Did a variety of jobs and then became information officer at Fulton Fish Market in New York City from 1982 to 1994.
Married a Dutch girl in 1991. Two children, a boy and a girl, now in their teens.
Moved to Guernsey where I write and photograph nature and volunteer for an environmental charity.

Nicholas Lunt (Blandford Forum, Dorset)
Left in: Dec 77

• Walhampton: 1965–1970
• Cheltenham College: 1970-1975 
• Loughborough University: 1976-1979
• RMA Sandurst: 1979-1980
• British Army – 16th/5th The Queen’s Royal Lancers: 1980-1989 including two years loan service with the Sultan of Oman’s Army. Retired as Major.
• Married, Felicity, 1990. Walhampton choir sang beautifully at our wedding in Corfe Castle.
• Daughter, Florence, born 1992
• Divorced 1997
• Ogilvy Group – Advertising & PR: 1995 – 2003 working across Europe but based in Brussels.
• Weber Shandwick PR: 2003-2004 based in Brussels and Paris.
• Communications Consultancy: 2004-2006 including to PM of Iraq’s office and Iraqi Government Cabinet Office; Minister of Counter Narcotics, Afghanistan; Negotiations Support Unit, Ramallah, Palestinian Territory and other clients around the world.
• Now living with partner, Jane Southall, in Dorset. Jane is a race horse trainer. My daughter Florence is in her second year at Bryanston which she adores. I hunt with the Portman Hunt, garden enthusiastically if ignorantly and play as much tennis as I can.

Best Memory: Riding ponies in to the stables, bareback, from their overnight paddocks on early summer mornings.

Worst Memory: Chapel on Sunday night after an exeat. Sunday evenings still makes me feel sick.

Rod MacKenzie (USA)
Left in: Jul 75

Awaiting Rod's news. 

Alex Macpherson (Shaftesbury, Dorset)
Left in Jul 77

Married with 2 boys aged 8 and 6. 11 years in the City before founding a private investor group investing venture capital into business. High risk investments into early stage businesses across a spectrum of industry sectors.

Katalyst Ventures Ltd 

Simon Messer (Cirencester, Glos)
Left in: Jul 75

Walhampton to Winchester College. Back to Walhampton for my gap year as a student teacher before Bristol University. Then spent 10 years in the financial services industry before a major career change. Back to University (Cranfield) and emerged with a BSc(Hons) in Diagnostic Imaging (1st) in 1997. Worked for the NHS for 6 years as a radiographer, specialising in CT and MRI scanning in Swindon before leaving for current post.

Senior lecturer at the University of the West of England where I now run the undergraduate Diagnostic Imaging course

Married Sarah in 1985 and we have one son, Nick, who is now 16.

Best memories: Far too many to list, but a few snap shots would include : the woods, Dr Who in the hall on a Saturday afternoon; Summer camps, especially Mull; the school play; Gordo; getting up a good speed for a really long slide down the marble passageway…

Worse: Some of the food, especially in the old dining room days. Going down into the cellars for music practice (or whatever) when no-one else was down there. X-country runs (or walks in my case)

Andrew Milligan (Lake District) (NEW) 
Left in Jul 75

Went to Stowe - became Whipper-in to beagles when there. Brockenhurst College 6th form.Then after retaking 2 A levels went to Liverpool Uni to read Geography. There followed some travelling and various jobs.Moved up to family farm near Kendal,Cumbria.

Currently working as Gardener since 1993, now 2009. 

Best memories; Has to be learning to drive Hillman Minx in the grounds with Mr Wlliams expert guidance and bombing about on the go-karts in what was euphemistically called the Mechanics Club. I don’t remember doing much mechanics but had great fun.

Another thing was getting Colin Shaw’s Dad’s autograph.The great Robert Shaw.Mind you I wasn’t too sure who he was then but I soon found out.

Wide games were a memory especially being chased by Mr.Murray-Walker and diving into a gorse bush to escape.

Worst memories;my brother breaking his wrist somehow on the scrambling net. I was no doctor but I knew his bone wasn’t supposed to be there. 

One memory was of the Bermondsy boys camping in the grounds and recognising an object that should not have been in the bottom of the swimming pool meaning that that day I wasn’t going swimming.

Actually I have all sorts of memories of my time at Walhampton and nearly all are good.

Simon Milligan (Kendal, Cumbria)
Left in: Dec 73

Spent three years in Australia & New Zealand before settling down in the Lake District.
Married to Heather. Have four children aged 14 to 7.

Work as a GP in rural Cartmel. Home to sticky toffee pudding, priory and race course.

Best memories: I have happy memories of Walhampton, games and fantastic grounds.
Remember wide games in the forest.

Arthur Milner (SW London)
Left in: Jul 75

Cambridge University 1981-84
Sotheby’s 1985-1996 with one year at School of Oriental and African Studies to do MA in 1990
Had my own business since 1996 dealing in Indian and Islamic Art from a Gallery off Kensington Church Street

The school trips were especially good, particularly Mull and France

A very happy few years!

Mary Montagu [now Mary Montagu-Scott] (Beaulieu, Hants)
Left in: Jul 77

Now married to Rupert Scott and with two children, Ben aged 6 and Emilia aged 4. After career in London running own interior design business now living at Beaulieu and working with the family business visitor business at Beaulieu. Executive Trustee of the New Forest Museum in Lyndhurst.

Have built second home in South West Turkey near a town called Datca and enjoy lots of holidays there and rent the house otherwise. Husband Rupert is currently writing a book about Turkey.

Best memory – lots of music, British bulldog, summer camps, heatwave of ’76.
Lots of happy memories…

Ralph Montagu (Beaulieu, Hants)
Left in: Jul 74

Millfield School, Brockenhurst Sixth Form College, Central School of Art & Design,
Travel, Graphic Designer at the BBC. 

Currently working as Head of Heritage at Radio Times (part time)

Overseeing the running of the Beaulieu Estate

I’m a governor of the merged Hordle Walhampton School!

Max Mudie (Southampton)
Left in: Dec 76

One son, now 2½. Weird career as a photographer. Years spent (but not wasted) sailing tall ships.

Currently a photographer doing anything but weddings (and even them sometimes). Lots of boat stuff, unsurprisingly.

Best memories: Erm…curiously abstract feeling that it was all okay, really. Seem to have spent a lot of time roaming the grounds, dreaming.

Worst memory: Getting what I was sure was terminal frostbite in the snow whilst stuck on the wing in football.

This is the first ‘Where are they now?’ I have ever replied to. The longer I left it the more I was tempted to construct some lie about Columbian prisons.

Virginia Neal (Stapleford, Wiltshire)
Left in: Jul 76

After I left Walhampton, I went to Bryanston. As I left after A levels with no idea at all about what I wanted to do my worried parents packed me off for a year to learn how to cook, sew, arrange flowers etc. This set me thinking that this was certainly not the career for me (as my husband and children will probably reinforce!). Anyway, I finally got my act together and went to the Institute of Archaeology to read archaeological conservation and materials science. This career choice allowed me to travel and work on excavations in many countries, including Hong Kong, Sudan and Iraq. In between travels I worked at the Horniman Museum and employed as conservator for the Dept. of Greater London Archaeology, based at The Museum of London. After a while a move to the country seemed tempting and I took a job in Salisbury running the conservation service for Wiltshire County Council. I am married to John, an Archaeologist, and we have two children, Fergus (10) and Euphemia (8).

In 2000 I set up a consultancy to offer conservation expertise to museums and archaeological organisations. After a few years I decided that I didn’t enjoy working alone and had a major change of career. I am now working as a groom to a three day event rider – not exactly what I was trained to do. I do know that my continuing passion for horses was fuelled by Mrs Brown a long time ago!

Best memories: Taking my pony to school, riding in the New Forest, summer camps, a wide game in the dark on an old airfield somewhere, the outdoor swimming pool and the shell grotto. Sailing Mirror dinghies on the lake. The aerial runway, school trip to the Loire Valley (electric storm over Saumur)….I could go on

Worst memories: Being crushed in British Bulldogs. Elasticated school skirts that could be pulled down far too easily! Having to stand in the corner in the dining room. The first day I had to stand up on the stairs in the hall to take ?roll call. Plum tomatoes on toast for breakfast.

Richard Neall (Chichester, Sussex)
Left in: Jul 77

Been married and divorced, no kids, and now very happy with very gorgeous girlfriend! Have had the pleasure of several (very) different careers. Estate agent, Persian carpets, Photographer, Yacht skipper and now Sailmaking. Actually sailing has taken up pretty much all of my time over the past 2 years, both play and work….mmm, ok the same thing!

Currently: Sailmaking

You can see my photos on

Memories: Blimey! So many good ones. Camps, cricket, watching Alex Macpherson bowl out the opposition & Mull…thanks for the photo Laura!

The worst have to be French & Latin lessons, oh and facing Macpherson fast bowling! 

Nicholas O’Rourke (USA)
Left in: Jul 76

Designer/owner of Tsubo footware.

William Orr (Birmingham, W Mids)
Left in: July 74

After Marlborough College and Clare College, where I read English and Philosophy, I briefly became an art gallery worker, kitchen porter and successful ice cream van driver. I then went and taught EFL in Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan. I also took a Post-Graduate Diploma in Library Management at Northumbria University and a PGCE in ESOL at London University. 

Currently teaching and co-ordinating ESOL at City College Birmingham.
City College Birmingham (

I am living with my Colombian partner Teresa, and we are getting married in July next year. No children.

Best memories: Playing British Bulldog on the lawn. Sailing on the lakes and playing commandoes in the woods. Playing Mole in Toad of Toad Hall. Reading Chaucer under a tree with John Elphinstone. Summer camp in the Forest of Dean and Wide Games in the New Forest. Watching the Basil Brush Show and Doctor Who on Saturday afternoons.

Worst memory: the interminable purgatory of detention on Saturday mornings.

It was a happy school with a strong ethos. We were lucky to be there, although I missed my family. I regret that I have lost touch with the boys and girls I knew.

Nicholas Parkhouse (Summertown, Oxon)
Left in: Jul 74

Awaiting Nicholas' news. 

The Parrys

David Parry: Lives between London and Nicaragua. Works as a gardener.
Left in: Jul 75

Julia Parry: Lives in London. Teaches English. Is also a photographer who has had several exhibitions.
Left in: Jul 77

Anna Parry: Has had many travels, adventures and jobs. Lives in Gloucestershire with her daughter (aged 12); enjoys writing.
Left in: Jul 78

Victoria (Tiggy) Parry: Lives in Devon with her husband and two small children. Works in the international development/NGO field.
Left in: ?

She has just set up a charity to teach parents to cook appropriate food for their young children. Contact

Geoffrey Parsons
Left in: Jul 72

Awaiting Geoffrey's news. 

Peter Perren (London)
Left in: Jul 74

Awaiting Pete's news. 

Robert Pickering (Brisbane, Australia) - updated September 2017
Left in: Jul 77

After Walhampton I hit the well worn path to Bryanston – with the benefit of hindsight both were fabulous schools and I guess I am today as much a product of both schools as of anything else in life. After Bryanston spent 3 frigid years at Newcastle Uni, then decamped to Kenya (where I grew up) to thaw out, where did the normal Kenya thing and got a flying licence and generally enjoying post study life. Decided Kenya wasn’t a place for me to grow old and that Australia looked quite good in the movies…so packed my suitcase and landed in Melbourne back in 1987! The excuse was an MA, the reality was to live somewhere warm with lots of space….which I did and I am now an Australian by naturalisation and in my heart…love the place and people and it also means I can once again talk about cricket (again), rugby (just) and netball….believe it or not mixed netball is huge here, and great fun. Currently live in Brisbane which is wonderful (if rather dry) part of Australia and don’t see myself moving too far from this part of the world. Am a late starter in the marriage stakes..but it’s always fun looking!

Been in the Ag business for close to 20 years. Currently with John Deere Limited (green and yellow tractors). Field manager – love my job as it is outdoor, and you get to meet the best type of Aussies, which are the country folk. Just need rain (ye gods I am sounding like an Englishman).

Worst memories – finding cold cabbage in Ian Hart’s short pockets (he asked me to get his keys) and the cold. Not sure Kenyan lads are designed for shorts and English winters.

The best – the grounds, sports everyday, summer camps, sailing on the Solent – if it didn’t involve cabbage or the cold it was good. Letter writing every Sunday – I still have every letter I sent home! Scott house winning the Sports Shield in my last year – being House Captain had no bearing on this memory.

Summer 2016 - Robert visited Walhampton with Charlie Nicholson as his guide.

September 2017 - Rob met up wtih Arthur Hay in Brisbane. See article here.

Jeremy Quin Smith (Mansfield)
Left in: 1978 

After I left I went to Canford and then from there, not really knowing what I wanted to do I spent 2 years working and living in Australia. The best part of that was working on a dive boat out of Port Douglas in Queensland before it was developed into the resort it is now!

On returning to the UK I did a variety of different jobs before setting up my own computer consultancy firm in 1989. Even though the company was successful at first due to out side forces we were forced to shut up shop in 1994. I was also married for the first time during this period, but the less said about that the better!!

I then spent several years living and working around Totnes in Devon, mainly running a catering company. Having got bored of that I went and spent a ski season working as a bar manager which is an experience that I would recommend to any body of what ever age! On return I moved to London working as a bar manager in a variety of different locations; great life but incredibly tiring.

I then met my second wife Jenny and we married in 2004 and then spent a 3 month honey moon travelling around South East Asia. On returning we moved to Mansfield where I work as a Quality Manager for a large energy supply company. We have 2 children Emily, 2 and George 9 months which keep us very busy. So now happily settled and no more travelling until the kids are old enough !!!

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