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OW 1970s - G-K

Details of OW (surnames starting G-K) as previously featured on the Old Walhamptonians website

Swings and School
Swings and School

The information below was kindly provided by Laura Wade and Ralph Montagu (Sept 2015), as featured on the previous Old Walhamptonians website:

Old Walhamptonians G-K

Luke Gatehouse
 (Bridport, Dorset)
Left in: Jul 72

I am married with four daughters ranging from 17 to 5, so lots always happening!!  For the last 21 years I have been running my own floor covering business.  Sailing and mountain biking when there is a spare moment!  I see Stephen Booth once a year (lives near Aberdeen).  Paddy Parsons lives only half a mile from me.  My mother lives in Lymington.

Working for Carpet World.
Best memory:  JB’s kindness and fairness.
Hope to see you in the summer.

Jonathan Gibson (Wimborne, Dorset)

Left in: Jul 78

Married to Lindsey, with two children—Felix (11) and Tom (5). I have worked as a Lecturer in English Literature at Durham University, Exeter University and Queen Mary, University of London. My research is on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literature, particularly manuscripts.

I work at the English Subject Centre, Royal Holloway, University of London, a national organisation responsible for improving the teaching of English at HE level.

Scariest memory: first sight of Mr Kealy in profile (with pipe). Lots of happy memories.

 Andrew Glennie (Lymington)

Left in: Jul 75

Awaiting Andrew's news.  

Angus Glennie (Canada)
Left in: Jul 77

Awaiting Gus' news.

James (Chailey) Glennie (Canada)
Left in: Dec 78

 After Walhampton I went to Stowe with my eldest brother (Glennie A I as he was known at Walhampton). Andrew was three years ahead of me and was a great sportsman and also a prefect. He was also known for his skill at nabbing illicit smokers which was good for him but not so good for me as I would always receive a visit from them after they had been caned by the headmaster.

In 1985 went to university in Wales where I studied Geology and Geophysics. In my first year I rowed eights for the university. I spent my second year as an exchange student at the University of Illinois in the US where, among other things, I played rugby for the university. I suspect that this was not because I was a great rugby player (I wasn't!) - but more because back then the sport was even more unknown in North America than it is now. I had a great time, was an honorary member of the rugby fraternity, drank too much beer, leveraged my English accent shamelessly in the sororities around campus, passed a riotous 1987 spring break in Florida and travelled across the US in a van with a bunch of friends through the summer of 1987. 

After finishing my undergraduate degree in the UK I took a year off during which I worked in Australia and travelled extensively in Indonesia. I then revealed my true colours by doing a postgraduate degree in Environmental Science and Law at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh but further confused things by joining Esso immediately afterwards where I worked in downstream finance in London in a variety of roles over 4 years. 

In late 1993 I was captivated by the site of Boris Yeltsin, facing off Alexander Rutskoi and thereby preventing a return to the USSR, by clambering on a tank outside the White House in Moscow. As a result in 1994 I resigned from Esso, converted my meager savings to travellers cheques, and purchased a Russian dictionary together with a one-way plane ticket to Moscow. 

On arrival my first task was to learn Russian and my first job was finance related - looking for investment opportunities in Siberia. It was a fascinating experience as I was among the first 'Westerners' to have been seen by many of the companies that we visited out there. Looking back on it now, as a proverbial 'fly on the wall', it  is a rather strange sight seeing a young and very green, 29 year old in a grey wool suit (me!) asking numerous old, grizzled and very communist company directors, invariably in ill-fitting brown polyester suits and flanked by portraits of Lenin and Stalin, about their investment plans and marketing strategies. More often than not meetings would end up with vodka shots and toasts 'za Stalinu' (To Stalin's Health). In total I spent just under 5 years in Russia – the bulk of my work involved getting familiar with Russia's oil and natural gas fields.

In late 1998 Russia defaulted on its internal debt, the rouble collapse, there was a run on savings and, although there was no hyper-inflation, many banks collapsed. Not surprisingly the business environment became considerably worse. As a result in 1999 I headed back to the UK where my experiences with Russia's gas fields (which supply most of Europe's natural gas) as well as the precarious state of Russian politics, led me to realise how important it would be for the UK to develop indigenous energy sources. I therefore decided to move into the nascent wind energy sector and used a period at business school in order to make that transition. I did a Sloan Masters at London Business School. The term 'Sloan Masters' invariably gets blank looks so I often describe it as an MBA for people that did not get around to doing one at an age when most other people tend to do them.
After business school and in 2002, I joined the British Wind Energy Association where I worked with industry and Government to help develop the legal and consents process for the construction of offshore wind farms in UK coastal waters. This was a fascinating project given the multiple bodies with an interest (RAF, Royal Navy, MOD, Merchant Navy, Coastguard, RSPB, RNLI, Yachties, Greenpeace etc etc). The legal issues were particularly interesting as many of the wind farms under consideration, some of which are now under construction, were located in international waters. 

While at the British Wind Energy Association I was finally able to find the time to complete my Financial Analyst qualifications and to gain chartered status: Anyone with a connection to the financial sector will know what the CFA is - for anyone else it is similar to being a Chartered Accountant but with a subtle difference. Chartered Accountants prepare financial statements. Chartered Financial Analysts, on the other hand, seek to unearth the secrets which Chartered Accountants have buried in their supposedly transparent financial statements!

In 2004 I moved to New Zealand to take up a position as Chief Executive of the NZ Wind Energy Association where I assisted with developing the financial, technical and planning policies associated with the introduction of wind energy in that country. It being New Zealand I also spent a bit of time touring the stunningly beautiful countryside, walking, running, horseback riding and sea-kayaking. I am pleased to report that I did NOT do the 'Lord of the Rings' tour!

In early 2007 I started work as Director of Business Development at the Wind Energy Institute of Canada in Prince Edward Island on Canada's Atlantic coast. WEICan, which is a new entity that exists to identify and address the technical issues which are proving to be slowing the increased penetration of wind energy in both Canada and North America.

I am still single despite having had a wonderful Russian girlfriend who tried to persuade me otherwise but, unfortunately, did not want to leave Russia with me in 1999. I am hoping to meet someone this year in my new Canadian home although have been advised that apparently you can't plan for these things and they just happen!

Most vivid memories from Walhampton: 
Sailing holiday led by Mr Elphinstone - we sailed across the Solent in what seemed like quite rough weather in Bosun dinghies. Memorable because it was the first time in my life I had been given real responsibility and left to get on with it.

Holiday in France to Saumur, Loire Valley with Mr Kealy. Memorable for the small white van with wooden benches in the back (and no seat belts!) that 15 or so of us travelled in, the Youth Hostel we stayed in in Saumur, visiting many chateaus, hot chocolate and croissants in the morning, the pleasant smell of Mr Kealy's pipe and Emma Coles getting into trouble for kissing a French boy. Notable as it was the first time in my life an adult (Mr Kealy) had spoken to me as an adult. 

Winning first prize in a night-time 'wide game' on Beaulieu Heath: Patrol Leaders had to get their patrols past all the masters who were trying to stop us getting to a pre-defined point on the heath. It was the first time in my life I had successfully completed a teamworking task which also required leadership. I still remember the proud look from my then girlfriend (Judith Lacey) as my name was called by JB and I went up to collect my patrol's award in the dining room at the end of dinner.
Going to drinks (Ginger wine and shandy!) with my class at Mr Kealy's house one evening during my last week at Walhampton and listening to him tell stories of his time in the Desert Rats during WWII

Asking Colin Chitty to pick some conkers for me one Sunday and then watching him fall out of the tree when a branch, which I had been urging him to crawl further along, broke under him. He landed motionless at my feet and I clearly remember his eyes going in circles and goo coming out of his nose. My first thought was that I had killed him and I burst into tears.

Getting scared senseless playing hide and seek in the dark tunnels under the school, where the model railway club met, with the lights off.

Playing British Bulldogs on the main lawn after dinner on Sunday and desperately trying to tackle Emma Coles or Eliza Strachan before anyone else got to them. I never made it!

After being told off for not making enough effort by Mr Murray Walker, who was refereeing our rugby game, I decided that I would tackle Rupert Backhouse: I got flattened and never tried again.

Sneaking up to the ClockHouse on various nights and sitting on Judith Lacey's bed. I did get chased by Mr Knox one night but lost him by ducking in to PL's office. Hopefully he never figured out that it was me!

Listening to Boney M's 'Ma Baker' in the PE Hall at the 'Disco' on Saturday after dinner while wondering why people bothered dancing at discos when so much fun could be had wrestling, running about, towing people around the floor on my sweater…

Reel to reel films in the main hall before the days when we had access to a TV.

Patrick Goble

 Left in: Jul 74
 Awaiting Patrick's news. 

Mark Goodman  (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Left in: Apr 78

From Walhampton went to Eton, where I continued to play rugby and to row, playing in The XV and rowing in The VIII, then took a year off and travelled around the world.  This included working on a sheep farm in New Zealand and undertaking Brigade Squad (a two week course for potential Household Division Officers) – now sadly defunct.  

Went to the Oxford Poly on an Army Bursary where I read Estate Management, and where I bumped into Caleb Street.  

Went to Sandhurst from where I was commissioned into The Blues and Royals.  I served for 7 years (1988-1995).  Postings/ jobs/ roles included: the British Army of the Rhine (Tank Troop Leader), Windsor (Armoured Reconnaissance Troop Leader), attended P Company, ADC to Commander British Forces Cyprus, Squadron Second in Command, Household Cavalry Regiment, carrying out Mounted Ceremonial Duties in London including Escort Commander at the Queen’s Birthday Parade 1994, secondment to the President’s Body Guard in Pakistan and Instructor on a Junior Officers’ Staff course, Barbados, for the Police Forces of the Eastern Caribbean.  Also found myself sailing for the Army with Richard Chitty in the winning crew in the Services Offshore Regatta in 1989! 
On leaving the Army I worked for NTL, the cable TV company, then took a year’s full-time MBA at Cranfield School of Management.  Became a management consultant, based in London.  In 2005 started working for XCD Limited, a new oil & gas consultancy. 

Married Susie Johnson, a South African of Rhodesian and Scottish extraction, in Johannesburg in 2000.  Susie was an Auctioneer at Christie’s, and Head of Client Advisory, finding private clients to buy the things that the other departments got in to sell.  We have two daughters Rosa (3) and Serena (10 months).

Moved to South Africa in early 2006, where we live in Parkhurst, Johannesburg.  I am working as a Performance Coach for De Beers, both at their Head Office in downtown Johannesburg and for De Beers Marine Namibia in Windhoek and on their off-shore mining vessels, off the Namibian coast.

Best memories:  The end of the Christmas terms, with the Hall covered with the Mrs B inspired decorations, going to Guiseppi Lund’s forge to bash some metal on Thursday afternoons, Summer Camps, and generally everything that happened when we were not working!  

Rupert Goodman (W London)
Left in: Jul 76 

Educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge.
Trustee, National Botanic Gardens of Wales.
Council Member and Trustee, British Kazakhstan Society.
Vice President, British-Algerian Business Association.
Fellow Royal Geographical Society.
Periodical Publishers Association Award Winner 1993.

Born 17 April 1963, married with three children, homes in London and North Wales.
Chairman of business which I founded and which focuses on International Affairs.
Best memory:   5 halcyon years.

John Gregson (Christchurch, Dorset)
Left in: Jul 80

Married to Juliet (1993): children are Matthew (2000) and Samuel (2005)
Currently working as a medical centre manager in Christchurch; also spent seven years in the merchant navy .

Working at:   The Grove Surgery, 83 the Grove, Christchurch, Dorset

Do get in touch!

Matthew Haggett (Shrewsbury, Shrops)
Left in: 1973

Lived in Bath for 20+ years, doing freelance website and artwork. Relocated to Shropshire with partner Jo (new job) and lurcher Barney.  Just bought 13 acre smallholding doing DIY livery and hope to grow organic herbs/veg for local restaurants and generally do the self-sufficiency thing - after renovating the cottage.

Work - look out for in the future.

Worst memories:  being sent away to school at 8.  Standing in the corner.
Best memories:  half term and holidays ;-)

Gary Hague (Faringdon, Oxon)
Left in: Jul 74

I am married, with two children aged 12 and 14. We live in Faringdon in Oxfordshire, and I am working in micro-electronics in Swindon for Dialog Semiconductor.

Rupert Hanson (Waterloo, Canada) (NEW) 
Left in: Jul 75  

Went on to Milton Abbey. Gap year in Australia before Army scholarship dragged me back to depressing England under early Thatcherism and sleep deprivation at RMASandhurst. Digging trenches fortunately gave way to crashing tanks with 2RTR mostly in Germany (81-88). Couple of winter stints skiing uphill in Norway. Met Canadian girl whilst running regimental ski hut in Bavaria. Following a couple of years in London moved to Canada where we made things official. Been married to Melanie since 1990, with two children Stanley (15) & Emily (12). 

Live in Waterloo an hour west of Toronto (home to RIM and their ubiquitous Blackberry).

Melanie is part of a family property business and manages a racquet & fitness club. A couple of years ago I went back to college to study digital media. Now a freelance graphic and web designer (thank you Mrs Bradfield for planting that in my head!).

 We have a cottage up on Lake Huron (like the ocean but without the salt) for the summer and rent an old farmhouse for skiing on the Niagara escarpment in the winter. 

An avid skier, runner, cyclist (road and mountain) and tennis player. We have so much space in Canada it seems a pity not to use it.
Notwithstanding, like salmon returning to spawn, couple of years back rented a house in Oban and with family made pilgrimage to Tiroran. 

Memories: These are neither good nor bad; just all really memorable times: 

Mr Kealy playing Beethoven in the hall. The coal miners strike, power cuts and early lights out. Camping on Mull. Going decimal. Building bonfires for Guy Fawkes. History camp in Wales. Building model airplanes. The reading competition. “Ice Station Zebra” in the hall. Mr Elphinstone reading us chapters from Gormenghast (still my favourite book). Riding in JB’s BMW 2002. Arriving at Craignure a day early for camp (we lived in Scotland at the time and not factoring overnight sleeper from London into time appreciation). The GPO Land Rover drove me across the island and I spent my first night with the not-batting-an-eyelid Bradfields. Mr Elphinstone going ballistic about boys getting too close to his new SAAB with sticks. Junior camp spent a week camping in fields at my then home in Lyme Regis….returned from an expedition to find cows had trashed the tents. James Marnan and Ralph M keeping a book on all the boys getting too close to the girls. Being made to lie-down as punishment for running in the corridors. Claire Lindesay getting asthma attacks from laughing too much. The view out across the Solent to the IOW from the dormitories. Tiger Vs all comers during Wednesday night Patrol leader Meetings…until the whiff of pipe smoke meant Mr Kealy was on the prowl. Camps and bamboo fights down in the woods. Smoking bracken stalks. Curry or non-curry boys. The late amazing Mr Carey’s “eating table” – and famous Latin text “Eating Horses for Fools, fart 1”. 

It all seems an aeon ago. 

Like Marmite and roundabouts, to Canadians boarding prep school is beyond comprehension.

Let in on the secret, we had a mightily good time. Perhaps memories of home sickness and the long walk out to the far playing field have been mitigated by time but it was a hell of a fun way to spend a childhood, surrounded by friends and minimal adult supervision. 

Ian Hart (Nairobi, Kenya)

Left in: 1976

I left Walhampton December 1976 and with a whole host of others ended up at Bryanston. From there I went to what was then Thames Polytechnic and ended up back in Kenya in 1985 when I took on Kenyan Citizenship. I entered into the motor industry, but unfortunately picked up a virus (ending in M.E.) that had me out of action from 1987-1989. I then gained enough strength to go back to work and continued working my way up the ladder working for BMW, Toyota and finally Hyundai, before in 1999 I moved into the mobile phone sector. Not particularly enjoying this I moved to Wells Fargo where I ran their cash-in-transit operation, ATM replenishment services and launched their courier division in Kenya, however in 2005 my wife Larissa whom I married in 1995 and I decided we had had enough of Nairobi and decided to buy land on the Kenyan coast to build an exclusive boutique hotel.

Since December 2005 I have been living in Mombasa building the hotel and landscaping the grounds, and to add to one of the most fun and yet at the same time stressful years in my life (builders!) our first child Ivan Joe was born in September 2006. The opening date for the hotel – named Tijara is July 2007.


There were many ups and downs at Walhampton for me albeit not being a particularly strong pupil, the teachers were great and responsive to my needs. Coming from Kenya however I did find the school a cold place to live and remember in winter often getting dressed in bed, and wearing shorts certainly kept me moving. Summers were fabulous and Bulldogs and I think we called it French Tennis were highly entertaining. Summer camps were fabulous and I remember vividly Bembridge, Mull, and the Loire Valley. Sports facilities were good, and I looked forward keenly to games everyday, the only downer being the cold driving rain and cross country runs around the lakes. 

I would love to catch up with two old friends in particular who I don’t see in your “Where are they now” and if anyone has their contacts I would be grateful to receive them. They are Charles Nicholson who went on to Stowe and John McInnes who was actually with me at Bryanston.

I would be very happy to be contacted by anybody who remembers me.

Arthur Hay (South Australia) - updated September 2017
Left in: Jul 77

I spent 3 years at Gordonstoun and after O levels went to College of Further Education in Bournemouth and did 2 years of Business Studies with travel & tourism.  Jobs in the travel industry were hard to get and the pay was not very good and after a short spell with Olympic Holidays I got into sales.  I spent the first year selling locks for doors and windows around new housing estates getting experience and then had a year out mainly in New Zealand but also a bit of time in Australia and Bali.

On returning to the UK I did a few casual fill in jobs before getting into selling photo copiers and fax machines for 3 years before going back to Australia in April 1989, this time on a 1 way ticket.

I sold office machinery for the first year for Triumph Adler before a corporate take over and redundancy.  I had had enough of photo copiers etc by then and when offered a job in another industry leapt at the change.  I spent the next 5 years selling burglar alarms mainly to businesses until the bottom well and truly dropped out of the market after the recession of the early 1990s.

In 1995 I got a job selling packaging to factories and warehouses for an Australia wide company which lasted till the end of 1997 when another corporate take over caused another redundancy.  I soon got a better job with a competitor in 1998 and have not looked back, with more autonomy as to how I work, an increased product base and reseller accounts as well as end users.

I got married to Ruth in 1994 and have 2 daughters, Rachel aged 10 & Jessica aged 8.

Interests include golf, badminton and snow skiing.  I have at times been active in Parents Associations at school and am on the committee of the South Australian Skiers Association.

I have been living in Adelaide since 1989 and work as a sales representative for a packaging and industrial supply company, mainly visiting factories and warehouses to keep their stock levels up.  My sales territory covers half the Adelide metropolitan area as well as some surrounding country towns and I look after distributor resellers in more distant areas who I usually visit once a year.

 Best memories:  the summer camps, Celmi in Wales, Mull and the French trip.  The Junior Camp to Moyles Court near Ringwood got me interested in camping and I now take my family camping.  I also enjoyed hobby time in the Art Room.
Worst memory, being forced to read so much!

It would be good to hear from anyone if they are coming to Australia.

September 2017: Arthur met up with Robert Pickering and his family in Brisbane, Australia. See article here.

Robin Hepburn (Tunbridge Wells, Kent)
Left in: Jul 74

I got married in 1989 to Emma. We met when she was nursing at Guy’s Hospital with my sister. After initially living in London, we first moved to Alresford, Hants (1990) and then to Tunbridge Wells (now on 3rd house in the town). We have 5 children (Charlie 16; Imogen 14; Arthur 11; & twins Jemima & Amelia 10).

I still play piano and organ and having played for Chapel at Walhampton, have held various organist posts over the years.

I joined Barclays Bank straight from Brockenhurst College (alumni - Graham Carr & Ralph Montagu). I did various commercial banking roles in the UK & offshore until moved to London in 1988. I joined the bank’s fledgling investor relations team in head office at the time of Big Bang. Having now realised my strength was in PR, I moved to a specialist firm handing government privatisation work; I moved twice more before becoming chief executive of a US owned consultancy. I managed to get out of there just before 9/11 and took 6 months off.

I founded my own PR consultancy in 2002 and have offices in City of London.

Best memories: Practising the organ in Chapel; smell of the polished floorboards; the cellars and the model railway/aircraft rooms; butterflies in the stomach before matches; building tree-houses & camps in the woods; rowing on the Pike Lake; go-karting on the games pitch and by the front drive; Saturday afternoon films in the Hall; doing stage lighting; having a 2-man room in the unfinished Clock Tower (and being woken through the night by the chiming bell) and many, many more!

Worst: Being terrified by Mr Kealy (but discovering after I left how kind he really was) “boys arriving now are late”! Being stuck in a dorm by myself when a flu epidemic meant there were too many to fit in the Sickroom; exam week (lugging desks into the gym); arriving back at school on a Sunday night after an exeat weekend.

James Hepburn (‘71-‘75) lives at Hazelbury Bryan in Dorset; he is married and has three boys. He runs his own painting & decorating business and would be delighted to hear from old-Walhamptonians wanting work done in his part of the country. Ask Colin Chitty for reference!!

Lewis Jardine (Uffington, Oxon)
Left in: Jul 76

Married, 2 children, 1 dog.
PhD, then university lecturer for 9 years, then got bored with too much admin and not enough doing so went into industry as a software engineer.  Been writing pharmaceutical user interfaces for 8 years now.  Eventually got bored with companies I was working for going bust every 2 years, so founded my own company which is still going after 3 years.

Director, Intellidos Consulting, Java software development specializing in user interfaces for the life science industry.

Best memories:  The high swing and summer camps.  My brother Robert falling off the high swing (yes from the top) and Petard slowly sinking as we motored home up the Lymington river after the sailing camp (we just managed to get to the quay and get a high volume pump on board before it went down.

Ayo and Omodele Johnson are both living in Bermuda.

Patrice Johnson (now Patrice Niambama) (London)
Left in: Jul 74

I have happy memories of Walhampton. It would be hard to forget the girls in the early seventies as we had to help build their dorms!

Tom Kealy (Chard, Somerset)
Left in: Dec 72

Married to Anne with two daughters.

I design and make one-off contemporary furniture and also teach furniture-making

Best memories:  Having all the woods and lakes to play in was wonderful, especially in the holidays!!


Tim Knight (Brecon, Wales)
Left in: Dec 73
I married in 1991, and now have 3 children, one girl (Gabriella) who left Hordle Walhampton in 2007 for Christ College Brecon. Her three 
years at Walhampton have made an amazing difference to her confidence, music & riding. The two boys are missing out on the experience, but the travelling just makes it impossible. My marriage broke up in 2008 after many difficult years & I am now in a new relationship which has worked wonders for my health and fitness.

I live on a small farm in Wales where I keep a horse for Gabriella to ride and a New Forest pony for me to ride and drive. If you get stuck 
behind a pony & cart on the A40 in Wales, then it may well be me.

Best memories are undoubtedly Margot Brown's riding lessons and Mike Hutchinson's ability to bring out the very best from the choir. Best 
academic idea was the French lunch - I can still say grace before and after meals in French but haven't found much call for it in Wales.

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