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OW 1970s - C-F

Details of OW (surnames starting C-F) as previously featured on the Old Walhamptonians website
Visiting weekend circa 1973
Visiting weekend circa 1973

The information below was kindly provided by Laura Wade and Ralph Montagu (Sept 2015), as featured on the previous Old Walhamptonians website:

Old Walhamptonians C -F

Andrew Carr (Poole, Dorset)
Left in: Jul 77

Awaiting Andrew's news.

Graham Carr (California, USA)
Left in: 1974

Awaiting Graham's news. 

David Chittick (Ipswich, Suffolk)
Left in:  Jul 77

I went on to Bryanston school from Walhampton and then to Kings College London to study medicine.  After completing my training to be a GP in 1992, my wife Patricia and I travelled for a year.  We worked for 2 months in Hamilton, North Island New Zealand, before moving on to the final leg of our travels, starting with the Cook Islands, and ending in Mexico and Guatemala.  By the time we got back to the UK my wife was expecting our first child.  This stimulated me to look for a job.  I was offered and accepted a partnership in Ipswich at Orchard Medical Practice and have remained here since.  

We have two daughters aged 12 and 10.  My son is 8.   My wife is also a GP.

Being a GP has been a rewarding experience.  I am a trainer and enjoy teaching.  Currently I am doing a Diploma in Counselling.  

My hobbies are tennis, going on treks as the trek doctor.   I climbed Kilimanjaro and have been to Nepal twice.  Running is my latest escape.  Last year I ran the Paris and Amsterdam marathons, this year I hope to run the Rotterdam and New York marathons.  There is a certain high I get after the pain that I put myself through when running!  

Best memories:  The week in Mull was a wonderful experience.  Buying and eating tuck on a Sunday and playing British Bulldogs on the front lawn was great. 

Worst memories:  I was an unhappy chap at Walhampton.  I struggled academically and did not ‘fit in’.  I was told it took a phone call from JB, who was a friend of my fathers, to get me into Bryanston!  I am grateful that I got to go to that school.  I remember Walhampton was a strict place.  The first year I was in a house that was physically separate from the main school building.  Prizes were given to everyone at the end of the term, the first prize being given to the person with the highest number of good marks and lowest bad marks.  I remember being genuinely surprised at getting the last prize.  My respect for authority did not improve.  I remember those evenings waiting outside JB’s office after lights out.  He would tell that me he did not enjoy dealing me the smack on the bottom, before doing so.  I hated the punishment of standing in the gym to work off late marks.

Tom Chittick
Left in: Jul 77

Awaiting Tom's news. 

Christopher Chitty (SW London)
Left in:  Jul 71

1966-1971 Walhampton School
1971-1976 Clifton College, Bristol
1976  Taught at Banda Prep School, Kenya (Maths & Games)
1977-1981 Christ’s, Cambridge

Army   Commissioned into Royal Green Jackets (RGJ)
1977/81 Army University Cadetship (Cambridge)
1981/82 Royal Military Academy   (Sandhurst)
1982/84 Platoon Commander, 1 RGJ (Northern Ireland)
1985  Intelligence Officer, (Falklands)
1985/86 Aide de Camp to General Officer Commanding (NI)

1986/87 Smith New Court: Stockbroker’s Assistant
1987/96 Williams de Broe: Private Client & PEP Manager
1996/98 Hambros Fund Management: Senior Private Client Manager
  on merger Guinness Flight Hambro, which then became Investec Guinness Flight
1999-  SG Hambros Portfolio Management Ltd: Investment Director,Private Clients

Married Nathalie Mackie in October 1987 and we have twins, Anastasia and Rupert who have become proficient scullers at the Dragon and hope to continue this when they start boarding at Canford in September 2007. 

Best and/or worst memories:  Having my three brothers there at the same time (1970/71): Was it the best, or worst??!!

Colin Chitty (Salisbury, Wilts)
Left in: Jul 74

Sole Trader for 10 years T/A Cokayne-Frith who buy and sell commercial property investments.

Wife - Lara; Boys - Jack 13, Archie 11 & George 8

Memory:  I fell out of a conker tree and one of the Glennies cried as he thought I was dead (so I was later told).  Hopefully it was not for joy!

Michael Chitty (Hants)
Left in: Jul 73

Awaiting Michael's news. 

Richard Chitty (Salisbury)
Left in Dec 75

Clifton College, Exeter University, Army.  Married Caroline in 1988.  Three children - Jamie 1989, Alice 1991 and Isobel 1994

Current work: Bovington Camp, Dorset looking after Royal Armoured Corps equipment.

Philip Clayton (Ross-on-Wye, Hereford)
Left in:  Jul 75

GP working in Ross-on-Wye at Alton Street Surgery.

Following on from Walhampton I moved to Bryanston School quickly followed by 6 years a Medical School in London. Married a childhood friend and now have 4 boys who are all sport mad.

Best memories are of the fabulous grounds, tree houses and rope walkways and playing night time wide games in the New Forest

Julian Clegg (known to some as Jegg) (Taiwan)
Left in: Jul 72

After Walhampton, went to Sevenoaks School in Kent and then the Polytechnic of Central London, where he studied Chinese and Russian. Studied in Beijing from 1979 to 82. Took the Trans-Siberian train and visited Moscow briefly in 1982. For several years, taught Chinese courses at the Polytechnic of Central London and the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding. Was active in the Anti-Apartheid Movement. Married Sevim Gorgu in 1991 (divorced later but still good friends). Spent another year in Beijing from 1991 to 92. Went to Taiwan for further study in 1994 and has been there ever since. For several years, has been living with Taiwanese girlfriend Lian Meiman and has adopted several stray dogs. Did both paid and unpaid work for the Taiwan Youth Hostel Association and represented it at several international conferences. Helps Lian Meiman in her work providing vocational training for young people with disabilities ( Devised a naturopathic cure for inguinal hernia but has so far failed to get anyone interested in it (

Teaching English and accepting freelance translation and editing jobs. Accompanied Taiwanese legislator Ciwas Ali (Gao Jin Sumei) as interpreter when she organised a delegation to New York and Philadelphia.

Employed by:  David’s English in Taibei County, Taiwan (

Best memories: Tree climbing and other outdoor activities, especially horse riding, at which I became quite adept and won the freedom to ride out almost alone in the New Forest. Excellent teaching, notably Mr. Kealy’s French and Mr. Murray-Walker’s Latin. With Mr. Underwood, failed to learn much mathematics but inherited his insistence on precision and logical thinking. Secretly reading “Lord of the Rings” at night in the toilet.

Worst: Homesickness. Wasted a lot of time “playing” cricket and rugby – actually standing around in all weathers and getting little exercise in the process. Wished I could have done gymnastics, yoga, judo or more athletics instead. 

Silliest: Trying to get high on sugary tea.

Scariest: When out horse riding with Nicholas Jennings, caught an adder, took it back to school in a riding hat covered with a t-shirt and presented it to Mr. Knox.

Very sad to hear of the untimely death of Nicholas Jennings - my best friend at Walhampton.

Peter Clode (Mold, Denbighshire)
Left in:  Jul 78

Phd in Investment Analysis
Chief Executive of Surrenda-link Investment Management, Chester UK

Best and/or worst memories: 
Firework Displays
The night the Stables caught fire
Freezing Rugby Games
British Bulldog
Amazing summer camps with the Bradfields on Mull
Capsizing in the Solent in March temperatures

Tom Clode (Thames Ditton, Surrey)
Left in: Jul 77

Married to Heidi. Two children. Ben (2) ,Madeleine (0)

Lancing College/ Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford (English)/Lancaster Gate College of Law
Oxford University Press/Freshfields/Weil Gotshal & Manges

Now a Partner at SimmonsCooperAndrew (Law firm)

All good memories.  Sailing across the Solent.  Mull.  Cycling down hard shoulder of M3 with Robert Boyle pursued by Police car

Patrick Coghill (SW London)
Left in:  Mar 74

I started life after school in the Catering industry with, amongst other things, event management and party planning subsequently Pub management as a partner of Front Page Pubs Ltd in London.

In my early thirties I retrained and developed a career in electronic systems  I now run a  small company  called Innerspace Systems, which is based in south west London. We focus on residential systems which includes; music systems, TV, Telephone, Lighting, Video conferencing, Home automation, Security etc.

I have recently tried to add kite-surfing to skiing, windsurfing, sailing, tennis, golf or any similar sport that I come across.

Marriage and children have unfortunately eluded me for the time being.

Best memory: Wonderful grounds, Sports & activities. Good balanced teachers.
Worst memory: Bit of teasing and bullying, but not much.

Richard Collins
Left in: Jul 77

Awaiting Richard's news. 

Henrietta Cotterell [now Englefield] (Dubai, UAE)
Left in: Jul 76

Walhampton, Wells Cathedral School, Durham University. House of Commons Library then Operation Raleigh (South Pacific). Publishing and travelling during my twenties (India, Australia, Pakistan, Nepal, America, Malaysia, and many times to the Bradfields on Mull.  Married Greg in 1992, three daughters, Grace (94), Jane (96) and Lucy (98). Instead of a mid-life crisis we moved to the Middle East, and lived for two years in Qatar. We now live in Dubai.

Best memories:  The food in the old dining room was pretty rough. Otherwise I think it was all fabulous, and feel very lucky to have been part of it. Like so many others I remember British Bulldog on the lawn, especially on long hot summer evenings in 1976. Also (in no particular order) I loved the murals on the walls, going down to the woods with Sunday sweets, expeditions weeks, the library, sitting on the hall floor watching films reel by reel, climbing onto the roof at night, the singing in chapel and being confirmed there, sliding on polished floors, running up from games in the summer to be first into the swimming pool, conker fights, the fireworks and bonfire, and the carol service at Boldre church.

There was a quotation at JB’s memorial service, which I don’t remember exactly, but saying that we live in a dangerous world, and that children should therefore be brought up dangerously. I am glad to have been at Walhampton when we were allowed to take risks and learn through doing so. More than anyone else I have ever met, JB lived what he believed, and he and PL made a wonderful school for us.

My brother Peter Cotterell went from Walhampton to Dean Close, Cheltenham. He then worked in garages and in the building trade before joining the Royal Artillery. He left the army and worked for a firm in Colchester, before moving to Australia to marry Carolyn. They live in Melbourne and have one daughter, Annabel, born this year.

David Cripps (Quebec, Canada)
Left in: Jul 75

Left Walhampton to go to Great Walstead prep in Sussex (Dad got a job working there so I moved from Walhampton after 3 very happy years there). Went on to Ardingly College, near Haywards Heath, then, after a gap year, to Southampton University sponsored by the RAF. Graduated in ‘86 in Aeronautics and Astronautics, but did not continue in RAF. Instead got a job with a then small firm on the Isle of Wight making fibre-reinforced materials for yachts. 20 years later I am still with that firm, although it has grown from 25 employees when I joined to about 2000 today. Have held many varied management positions there, both technical and commercial, and have greatly enjoyed being part of the management team during the exciting growth the company has had. Spent three years in early 90’s in Los Angeles, and then moved to Canada to set up a manufacturing operation here in 2002.

Along the way I got married, inheriting 3 children in the process, who were 7, 9 and 11 at the time but who are now 16, 18 and 20, and off at university etc. Also have a 6-year old so the full spectrum in this household. We all love Canada as we have always been into outdoor activities of which there are plenty here. Definitely a consequence of Walhampton and Mull camps! 

In my limited leisure time I have built, flown and raced homebuilt aircraft and microlights, and even landed the microlight on the Walhampton playing fields about 7 years ago! Not currently flying in Canada but itching to have a go at a floatplane. Also doing lots of sailing, canoeing, camping and am now just getting into skiing as we have snow 5 months of the year here and live on top of a small ski mountain. We’re also very actively involved with our local Baptist church.

I am now sales manager in the company’s wind energy business unit, for North and South America. Wind turbines use a lot of our special materials for making their huge blades, and the industry is growing very fast. This means I am travelling a lot, around the US and into S America – mainly Brazil.  I’m currently working for Gurit. It’s a Swiss public company now.

Best memories:  the woods, climbing frames and outdoor space at the school were just great. I loved the camps in the Summer and have happy memories of Moyles Court, Mull and the Cotswolds. I remember it being a very happy place, particularly my first year at the lodge where the Murray-Walkers were just excellent houseparents. The Bradfields also stick in my mind as being very special people.

I owe my French abilities to an early and thorough start at Walhampton. It’s one of the key things that got me the job here in French-speaking Quebec. Although I really struggled in maths, and have some bad memories of maths lessons not understanding much, something must have gone in during the remedial maths lessons I had at the school as I went on to do maths at A-level and a very mathematical degree. My Christian faith also took root at Walhampton, and I enjoyed the chapel and the supportive Christian atmosphere. I think it gave an exceptional foundation for my later education.

I would love to meet up with anyone who remembers me. We’re about 2hrs from Montreal, although Boston and New York are not that far away as well. I’m also back in the UK on regular business trips. Give me a call, or send an e-mail – visitors are always welcome!

Miles Cudmore (Sunningdale, Berks)
Left in: Dec 78

After Walhampton, I went on to Bryanston and then Southampton University where I completed a MEng in Aeronautics and Astronautics.  After a brief period with Westland Helicopters, I decided to change path and joined BP as a reservoir engineer.  What on earth do they do you ask .... essentially we work with geoscientists, drillers, construction engineers and operations staff to work out how to get as much oil and gas out the ground as possible.  18 years later I am still with BP and have worked in a variety of interesting locations around the world, and am currently Technical Director for BP's activities in Algeria and Libya.  
In 1991 I married Sarah, and we have lived in Glasgow, London, Venezuela and Kuwait before returning to Sunningdale (near Ascot) in 2001.  Sarah is a human factors psychologist which covers a multitude of sins, and is a keen folk singer complete with guitar, sandals and healthy food.  I am still into sport and after rowing for many years at Bryanston and university, took up running.  On returning to the UK, marathons entered the equation and I run a couple each year.  We are both into hillwalking and theatre, and love travelling to new places.  

William Cussans (SW London)
Left in: Dec 74

Investment manager. Married to Lucy, Consultant Dermatologist at St George’s hospital, SW London. Live in Wandsworth with our four children.

Head of Charities at Smith & Williamson Investment Management and Managing Director, Smith & Williamson Investment Funds PLC.

Also worked as an investment manager at Bessemer Trust, Baring Brothers, Henderson Administration and the Central Board of Finance of the Church of England. A graduate of Reed College, Portland, Oregon, a Fellow of the Securities Institute and a member of the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute.

Mary Cuttle (New Delhi, India)
Left in: Jul 77

Currently a VSO volunteer for an NGO that works with children with disabilities.

Justin Davidson (Hong Kong)
Left Jul 81

Parents came back from Nigeria and went on to day school in St Albans. University in Nottingham, interspersed with lots of backpacking to Asia and Africa. Worked in the City as a lawyer before moving to Hong Kong in 2000. Now a partner heading up intellectual property practice in Asia for DLA Piper. Married in 96 to Cathy, whom I met at Nottingham, with three (v active) sons, James (2001), Loughlin (2002) and Dominic (2004). 

Best memories - British Bulldogs on the lawn, night time wide games on the common in the New Forest in boilersuits, Mull camp, woodwork with Mr Short (I still use my lathe work bowl for fruit to this day), all the hobbies and sports......some of the best years of my life.

Worst memories - chapped knees (wearing shorts all winter was tough coming from Nigeria), the slipper from JB (with Ian Shaw for sneaking out after lights out) 

David Dibben (Hook, Hants)
Left in: Mar 74

Family: Francoise (married since 1993) and two daughters Céline (11) and Anaïs (8)
Work: Chief Operating Officer, Global Range of Funds, HSBC Investments

Working for HSBC Investments.

Best memories: numerous
Worst memories: 2-3 involving injuries – still have scars today (not as dramatic as sounds)

Have frequently passed by the school over the years (the past 32 to be precise !!) and only this year did I go back in, when Anaïs was running in the Wessex Schools competition at Walhampton.  Nothing much has changed, just everything has got smaller !!

Peter Dibben (London)
Left in: Dec 77

1972 – 1976 Walhampton
1977 – 1982 Bryanston, Dorset
1982 – 1986 South Bank Poly, London – Business Studies BA
1986 – 1997 International Sales & Marketing jobs in the Office Products industry… For Rexel (now Acco). I travelled in many countries of Europe, Middle East & Latin America; including Lebanon, Saudi, Kuwait, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, India, etc etc.
1997 – 2000 European Marketing Management for GBC, a US Office Products company. Married for the first time and living in Bruxelles, for much of the time.
2000 Times Clipper Round the World yacht race – Cuba to Hawaii, 3 months duration – 2nd best thing I ever did in my life
2001 – 2006 European Key Account Manager for GBC, then merged with my previous firm Acco. 
2006 Got married again, to an all American gal, (who successfully keeps me on the straight & narrow!) on April Fools Day ! The best thing I ever did! We have no children at present. I also left my old company and have moved to a firm called Fellowes. Another US based company. I look after the European Key Accounts  for them. We live in London but my office is in the Netherlands which makes for a bit of a commute!

Fellowes Manufacturing Ltd – based Itasca Illinois and Breda NL.

Best Memory: The gardens and sailing on the lake
Worst memory: X-country runs in the rain!

Fraser Dibden (Dubai)
Left in: Dec 72

I am a Captain with Emirates Airline, living in Dubai (been here 8 years). Wife (Susan) & 2 kids (Grace & Ramsay aged 12 & 9).

Lindsay Dibden (Hambledon, Hants)
Left in: Jul 75

Read Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College, realised that was wrong, then joined Coopers & Lybrand, realised that was wrong too and moved into the Private Equity industry. Now married with three children.

Partner responsible for Healthcare investments, HgCapital

Stephen Eagle (Auckland, NZ) (NEW) 
Left in Dec 77

I gGot some O and A levels and then read forestry at Aberdeen, graduating in 1988 (I had a couple of years off, to work in the Falkland Islands and travel in Australia and Papua New Guinea) then joined Voluntary Services Overseas to work on a forestry project in Nepal. That led to recruitment by Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick (Basingstoke, UK) who I worked with for several years, either side of doing another degree in project management at UMIST. I found my wheels spinning and left for New Zealand in 1995 where I have been based since, though more out of the country than in. I married Yuri in 2006 in Tokyo where she comes from and our daughter was born last year (2008). 

I now manage the international work of a consulting company in Auckland,(Fraser Thomas Ltd - engaged in development projects funded by the Asian Development Bank, NZ Government, and others. At present most of our work is in Cambodia, though we’ve been spread from as far west as Tajikistan and east as the Cook Islands. 

My best memories include: the summer camps; the school orchestra, climbing on the roof.
My worst memory is of getting caught climbing on the roof!

William Eccles (London)
Left in: Jul 73

History degree and History of Art diploma, accountant, private equity.  Married 1984, 3 children (87,88,91), widowed 2001, remarried 2004, 1 stepchild (96). Dog.

Partner in Graphite Capital, private equity firm.  Board member of Fairbridge, charity working with disadvantaged young people.  Governor of Wandsworth Community School.

Too many memories to choose from, mostly good or amusing.

Paul Edwards (Hants)
Left in:  1975

Monkton Combe School, Bath
Chippenham Technical College
King Alfreds College Winchester. B. Ed (Hons)
1986 onwards Calthorpe Park School, Fleet

Married 1995. Divorced 2005. Married my beautiful wife Joanne August 2006
Two fantastic sons from first marriage. Tom (10), Sam (8). Expecting third child October 07.

Car obsession. Raced Alfa Romeos on all the national circuits from 1986 – 1999. Won Championships in 1989/90. This took most of my time and money. Lack of finance stopped play. Briefly considered doing it full time, but failed sponsorship deal and returning sanity prevailed. Some regrets. Still work as a Race Driving instructor part time.  Own Vintage and Veteran cars.

Work in high performing Secondary School. Currently Head of Year 10. To be Head of House from September. Was Head of Careers. Technology/Motor Vehicle Studies teacher (amongst other subjects..). Must get a real job one day…. Calthorpe Park School. Often consider teaching in Private Sector…

Part time ARDS qualified race driving instructor. Much like normal teaching, but less regular…

Best memories in no particular order:-
Great grounds and lakes, fantastic buildings, the view over to the IOW
The legend that was ‘Gordo’
Yearly expeditions – Mull (particularly the sleeper train up there), Loire, Wales, 
Pillow fights
Many great teachers – Mrs Fisher/Mr Knox/Mr Kealy/Mr Elphinstone/ The Murray Walkers plus so many others whose names escape me. The Maths teacher with a cockney accent? – he saved my Maths abilities from terminal decline. Weird what you remember… 
Going for a run halfway through Mr. Kealys scary French lessons.
Sick bay 
British Bulldogs – no rules. Fantastic. 
2 hours prep each night?? – Only alleviated by the promise of the mad dash to the cycle sheds afterwards. 
Daunting high ropes playground. 
Somebody cycling into the round pond on the far terrace. 
2 sweets after dinner(think my Father – a dentist - may have been responsible for complaining about this, and their subsequent removal from the ‘menu’. Sorry guys…) 
Haliborange tablets after dinner – what was all that about??? 
Sailing with Mr. Elphinstone. Great fun!
Mirror dinghies.
Night raids to visit the girls rooms. -fantastic fun, never did get caught. Great adrenaline buzz though. May even have chanced a peck on the cheek. How daring!! These were planned with military precision – think we must have been watching too many WW2 escape films. 
Trash mags – does anybody else remember these very non PC war comics??? 
Chris Knox’s shoes with ‘Blakeys’ on them. -we could always hear him coming, so we never did get caught doing anything. With the benefit of hindsight (and 20 years teaching experience), I think Chris knew this too…! V funny
The groundsman –  Nice chap. Major Hamilton
Table tennis in the evening
The amount of time that was invested in deciding just how to spend 10 pence in the school tuck shop on a Sunday. Love Hearts( think I saved mine for VN…sad..!!),Sherbert Dips, Mojos.
Learning to drive. I thought it was a Morris Minor, though I see somebody else reckoned a Hillman Minx. Maybe both? Either way, I drove into the hedge.
Doing hours of woodwork in the craft rooms which I loved. Cant remember who my teacher was, but I owe him a debt of gratitiude….
Doing a project on Tutankhamen
Rather attractive young (16??)Matrons assistant?? who worked in our dorms. All sorts of rumours there…?? Does anybody else remember her?
The Chapel – yup, the ceiling too!!
Blue handkerchiefs
The green paint in JB’s huge office.
Scary music lessons with Hutch who usually shouted at me. Not his fault. I was crap at the Piano and never practised. I would have hated teaching me too. He was a legend. My brother (at Walhampton 12 years before me)stayed in touch with him for years.
Running the 1500 metres in the summer. It seemed like a marathon. I was always small at school, so it was one of the few sports I was reasonably good at. I am now normal size! (5’11”). When I went to a Public School reunion some years ago, my peers struggled to believe it was me. I think ‘Titch’ Nicholson and I were the smallest in the year?

Worst:- though in retrospect, some of these may be good memories
Boarding/homesickness.- this seemed to affect most people, though I think we all tend to forget with the passing of time? I could never send my children to board at that age. My sister who boarded down the road from Walhampton feels the same…Just seeing one of those traditional cane bound trunks still brings back the same feelings in the pit of my stomach. In fact going back to school at the start of a term, even as a teacher still initiates feelings of dread and loathing…Weird how quickly those feelings disappeared back then after a day or two!!
Uncomfortable beds. 
Weeping willy(PE) – just the threat really… did anybody ever get hit?
The slipper, being made to eat foul food (semolina, rice pudding/liver) – and yacking up in an effort to eat it. Can’t think why I wont touch it now…
How scary were the music practice rooms in the cellar? Damp, dark, red walls. There was the model aeroplane room at the end though.
Being on detention with ‘Omo’ Johnson, sweeping up the boot room at the end of term.

Wish Public school was as good. It wasn’t….hated it.

Walhampton was a fantastic and inspirational school. Brilliantly led by JB et al in a way which allowed the ‘whole person’ to develop. It is perhaps only in your mid forties that you realise the huge impact that Walhampton had on your education as a whole.  I wish it was the same now, but I know many of the practices, such as trusting pupils, and minimal supervision would not work in my school or in today’s educational climate. I spend a vast amount of time at my school organising residential trips. That is where the real learning opportunities lie…

Peter Ellis (Santa Cruz CA, USA) NEW 
Left in: Jun 71

1971 – 1974  Marlborough College
Moved the USA
1975-1979     Cornell University  (BSc Engineering)
1979- 1999    Hewlett-Packard,           Sales & Marketing Management
1999-2006     Agilent Technologies    Sales Management
2006-2008     Avago Technologies      Channel Manager

Live near the beach in Northern California (close to San Francisco & Silicon Valley)  
Enjoy sailing, kayaking, hiking, SCUBA diving and travel 
(including Vietnam, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Indonesia, Galapagos) 

Currently not working.. helping to care for my Dad who has Parkinsons. Since he encouraged & paid for my Walhampton experience.. it’s the least I can do.

I have so many fond memories of  the people, places & faces of both teachers & students .. but I will limited it to teachers for now:  
- Chris Knox’s History Hut  -  I remember a lot of British history! Good work!   
- Patrick Kealy’s French Lab – anything less than perfection felt like failure
- Pete Underwood’s Math Classes – watch out for flying chalk & erasers and PJ Underwood was a fabulous coach for Rugby & cricket
- Alan Berry’s Gym & Soccer classes.. & great Athletics program
- Major Dunlop –  fabulous fun & learning took place in the Geography & science labs
- Robin Murray Walker – thank you for your counsel & guidance. Sorry I sucked at Latin
- John Elphinstone – For the imaginative & creative story telling session he inpired as we spoke into his Philips cassette tape recorder (that was high tech for the day!)
- Mike Hutchinson – Played a mean church organ and inspired us all musically
- Matrons - Mrs Stebbing, Ms Jackie Shakespeare, & Ms Pipa Dundas
PL, JB & Gerald Carey – all class acts. 

Best other memories:

- Riding in the New Forest – Galloping  (what an amazing opportunity)
- House Swimming Races on Swim Day
- Singing in the choir
- Walking up the main stair case (if you were commended) 
- Winning the Cup for 13 catches in 10 cricket matches
- 1ST XI  & 1ST XV Colors
- The plethora of activities & hobbies that we could participate in
- The clicking sound of cricket boot spikes and soccer rugby studs on the asphalt
- 4 o’clock little tea cocoa or coffee 
- The “hooter” - the hand cranked siren that could be heard anywhere on campus & helped keep time for us all and let us know that free time was over.

Scoring a (really great) goal in the Scott vs Shackelton house game THEN (I managed to score an “own goal” in the same game .. we lost 4-3).

Worst memories:

- As opening batsmen for the 1st XI,  getting bowled out on the first ball against Christchurch (we did win the game by 1 run in the end thank goodness).

- Getting caught by Gerald Hamilton in Matron’s bedroom watching the Apollo mission on TV.  

- Being called out during Saturday assembly by JB as one of 6 new patrol leaders that would not be confirmed (as was expected) since he didn’t believe we yet demonstrated appropriate  exemplary behaviour..  (How embarrassing!)   We were confirmed 2 weeks later.

- Running in the rain around the lakes when it was too wet to play games on the fields.

- Freezing hands .. and having to put under cold water to warm up and avoid chill blains.

I am forever grateful to the Walhampton staff & students for the unforgettable opportunities & education we all enjoyed in this fabulous learning environment. The experiences brought out the very best in all of us and set the tone for how we live and treat others. Thank you so much! 

Guy Fancourt (Warminster, Wilts)
Left in: Jul 75

Attended Bryanston School for five years, had a year out then 3 years to obtain a degree at York University.  Moved to London to be trainee Chartered Accountant finally qualifying in l991.  Worked in Local Government and Housing Associations. Rejected office life travelled for 6 months, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.  Went to college to get National Diploma in Horticulture, in Dorchester. Spent over 5 years in Sevenoaks in Kent working at Knole house.  Since August working in Wiltshire developing a garden.

I live with my cat Ishtar but have lots of good friends through my interest in Sailing, Belling Ringing, Liberal Democrat politics and walking

I am currently a Sole Gardener in charge of a 5 acre garden with a four acre paddock and Yew walk.  Developing the garden establishing Vegetables and  redesigning a part of it.
Best memories:  Recently in Scotland in Oban and sailing past Mull brought back memories of Camping on Mull.  Remember the Riding camps near Marchwood with Mandy my pony.
French lessons in the courtyard classrooms, walking down by the lake, playing hockey.

Ian Fleming (SW London)
Left in: Jul 77

Awaiting Ian's news. 

Neil Fleming (SW London)
Left in: Jul 72

Still single and have worked in Whitehall for various Ministry of Defence sections.

Currently working for the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall as a Budget Manager.

Best memory:  Freedom to roam around the lovely grounds.

Richard Fortescue (Devon)
Left in:  Jul 77

I left Walhampton a year early and went to school in Northern Italy for two years (the French speaking section of a European School).  Then Bryanston, where I met up with many friends from Walhampton.  University was Salford, in Manchester, reading Mechanical Engineering (along with Matt Heffer, also ex Walhampton, who read aero eng).  I worked as an engineer in the nuclear industry from '87 to '04, but I am just starting my second year as a Science/Physics teacher in a large and successful 11-18 comprehensive/technology college in Weymouth.  Not quite sure how I ended up teaching, but I love (almost) every minute of it!

I met Amanda at Salford and we were married in 1987, we have two sons: Kit (16, lower sixth/year 12) and Will (14, year 10).  The boys are in schools near us in East Devon/West Dorset.  Amanda is Assistant Principal at the school where I now work, and will be Vice Principal from september?!
Sailing and small boats of all sorts remain important, John Elphinstone must accept much of the blame for this! Kit and Will are competent sailors.  Amanda has been forced to join us, and after years of resistance has discovered that she loves sailing too.

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