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Find a Friend - 1970s

If John Whately-Smith or John Vernon was your headmaster, please help us to find your school friends and teachers...
John Vernon, Henry Phillips and John Whately-Smith outside Hordle House
John Vernon, Henry Phillips and John Whately-Smith outside Hordle House

The majority of pupils who attended Hordle House school left without such a thing as an email address so our database contains only the address your parents were at when you were at school, most have moved house since then!

Please take a look through the names below and ask any 'missing' friends to contact Samantha Allen, the alumni officer for Hordle House:
Date left Initials/First name Last name Senior School  
December 1969 M.P O'Riordan Radley  
December 1969 Benjamin R. Deane Wellington  
December 1969 Andrew C. Townsend Wellington  
December 1969 A. James Perkins Radley  
March 1970 R.J. Leeks Bryanston  
March 1970 R.J. Cutler Blundell's  
July 1970 D.E.G. Morgan Winchester  
July 1970 C.E.J. Yates Marlborough  
July 1970 I.R Thomas Bloxham  
July 1970 Alistair.C.D. Cochrane Shiplake  
July 1970 Stephen .J.W Norris Milton Abbey  
July 1970 Alistair. J. Thomson Bruton  
July 1970 Colin. H. Coutts Bruton  
July 1970 S. Adrian. J.E. Conway Ashby College, Ottawa  
December 1970 W.D.S. Murdoch Marlborough  
December 1970 J. O'B Furlong Marlborough  
July 1971 J.Q.G.T Hogg Radley  
July 1971 W.G.T Lindsay Wellington  
July 1971 M.R.B Wallace Rugby  
July 1971 J.E.H Powell Shrewsbury  
July 1971 M.J Locke Bryanston  
July 1971 M.J Leeks Bryanston  
July 1971 M.C Newsome King's Bruton  
July 1971 M.W Robson Lancing  
July 1971 Peter.J.H Reddy Priestlands  
December 1971 Simon Journing Milton Abbey  
December 1971 Giles Young Bruton  
March 1972 Peter Watson Bloxham  
July 1972 Nicholas Hubbard Clifton  
July 1972 John Brading Blundell's  
July 1972 Jonathan Jesty Bradfield  
July 1972 Jonathan Capes Marlborough  
July 1972 John Fisher Wellington  
July 1972 Nigel King Sherborne  
July 1972 Paul Evans Eton  
July 1972 Timothy Parker Radley  
July 1972 Edward McNair Basingstoke  
July 1972 Christopher Davie Blundell's  
July 1972 Jonathan Hall King Edward's, Witley  
December 1972 R.W.M Yates Marlborough  
December 1972 M.R.H Watkins Charterhouse  
December 1972 J.F. Watson Winchester  
December 1972 C.W. Edwardes Marlborough  
December 1972 R.S. Neal Munster, Germany  
December 1972 G.R.N. Hammer Milton Abbey  
December 1972 C.P. Jeffreys King's Bruton  
December 1972 F.W. Mostert Johannesburg  
March 1973 C.G. Patient Blundell's  
July 1973 P.G.W Smart King's, Canterbury  
July 1973 M.P.W. Smart King's, Canterbury  
July 1973 C.J.V Kendall Sherborne  
July 1973 Andrew C. Mangles Marlborough  
July 1973 Richard J. Newsome Wycliffe  
July 1973 D.M. Fiebig Canford  
July 1973 I.C. Leeks Bryanston  
July 1973 T.R. Stonehouse Pangbourne  
July 1973 C.T. Journing Milton Abbey  
July 1973 C.P. Parkhouse Radley  
July 1973 R.D. Siddons Pangbourne  
July 1973 M. Roberts Dartington Hall  
July 1973 P.G. Davie Mexico  
July 1973 M.R.T. Deans Bedford  
July 1973 Julia Vernon St.George's, Ascot  
December 1973 N.Andrew Ferry Tonbridge  
December 1973 J.D. Dow Milton Abbey  
December 1973 F.W.S. Muir Bradfield  
December 1973 N.D. Morant Sherborne  
December 1973 Andrew A. Muir Clayesmore  
March 1974 J.H. Hughes Marlborough  
March 1974 Guy. L. Capper Blundell's  
March 1974 S.R. Williams Ravenscroft  
July 1974 Nicholas. D.F. Alexander Sherborne  
July 1974 William. M. Gibb Haileybury  
July 1974 Iain. C.S. Hunt St. Edward's  
July 1974 R.J. Chard Blundell's  
July 1974 G.R.J.B. Davies Marlborough  
July 1974 C.L. Mangles Winchester  
July 1974 David .J. Wyatt Bloxham  
July 1974 R.B.G.T. Hogg Lochgilphead  
July 1974 I.J. Mullen Priestlands  
July 1974 Richard A. Lawrence Allhallows  
July 1974 D.E.T. Brading Shiplake  
July 1974 Paul M. Warwick Canford  
July 1974 Gary P.L. Hedley Ringwood  
July 1974 Sean Fitzpatrick Kimbolton  
December 1974 Henry Brownrigg Millfield  
December 1974 Richard Drewitt Allhallows  
December 1974 Hamidi Khan Clayesmore  
July 1975 Martin Colvin Bryanston  
July 1975 Peter Buchanan St. Edward's  
July 1975 Gavin Walker Hounsdown  
July 1975 Roger Bowdler Bryanston  
July 1975 Myles Orme Radley  
July 1975 Richard Brunton Sherborne  
July 1975 Mark Hazell Cranleigh  
July 1975 William Trehearne Canford  
July 1975 Peter Rands Queen Mary's, Southampton  
July 1975 Michael Easey Oak Farm  
July 1975 Karen Ripper Clayesmore  
July 1975 John Barrett Churcher's  
July 1975 Antonia Staples New Hall  
December 1975 Giles Yarde-Leavett Sherborne  
December 1975 Matthew Hale Radley  
December 1975 Mark Gittins Malvern  
December 1975 Michael Ralph Canford  
December 1975 Nicholas Dowdney Andover  
December 1975 Andrew Dow Milton Abbey  
December 1975 Angus Coutts King's Bruton  
March 1976 Patrick Gwatkin Hurstpierpoint  
July 1976 William Egerton-King Sherborne  
July 1976 Robert Argles Sherborne  
July 1976 Caspar Gibb Haileybury  
July 1976 Emma Hunt St. Mary's Shaftesbury  
July 1976 Patrick Clough Haileybury  
July 1976 James Murdoch Radley  
July 1976 Peter Wines Lancing  
July 1976 Penelope Locke Bedales  
July 1976 Sebastian Bees Radley  
July 1976 Nicholas Coney King's Bruton  
July 1976 Nigel  Friend St. Edward's  
July 1976 Andrew Brockett St. Peter's, Bournemouth  
July 1976 James Brockett St. Peter's, Bournemouth  
July 1976 Patricia Lanyon Preistlands  
July 1976 Ramesh Rajasingham St. Edward's  
July 1976 Sonali Rajasingham Headington, Oxford Found!
July 1976 Mark Taylor Bembridge  
July 1976 David Webber Blundell's  
July 1976 Dariush Zand Milton Abbey  
July 1976 Geoffrey Morand Royal Wolverhampton  
July 1976 Boyd Lee Milton Abbey  
July 1976 John Pratt St. Peter's, Bournemouth  
July 1976 Melinda Pyatt Brockenhurst  
December 1976 Hugo Edwardes Marlborough  
December 1976 David Mangles Marlborough  
December 1976 Robert Wills St. Edward's  
December 1976 Andrew Beattie Allhallows  
December 1976 Nicholas Fitzgerald Sherborne  
December 1976 Warwick Milne Shiplake  
December 1976 Simon Thomas Bembridge  
March 1977 Ian Blackadder Blundell's  
March 1977 Simon Drake Redrice  
March 1977 Timothy Lanning St. Edward's  
March 1977 Rebecca Harle Overstone  
March 1977 Damian Marshall High Wycombe  
March 1977 Paul Marshall High Wycombe  
March 1977 Angus Macdonald Bembridge  
July 1977 Simon Adley Sherborne  
July 1977 David Aitken Millbrook  
July 1977 Mohammad Atri Allhallows  
July 1977 Richard Bethell Netherstow  
July 1977 Alexander Bower Pangbourne  
July 1977 Martin Brown Homefield  
July 1977 John Cadogan-Rawlinson Wellington  
July 1977 David Caswell Kelly  
July 1977 Jeremy Culver Milton Abbey  
July 1977 Paul Dowdall Shaftesbury  
July 1977 Simon Fidler Pangbourne  
July 1977 Roland Gibbs Milton Abbey  
July 1977 James Hazell Cranleigh  
July 1977 John Hind King's Bruton  
July 1977 Iain Laver St. Edward's  
July 1977 Helen McMullen Talbot Heath  
July 1977 Saed Nikpour Bryanston  
July 1977 Simon Shepard Christ's Hospital  
July 1977 Robert Trillo Bryanston  
July 1977 Georgina Williams Sherborne school for girls  
July 1977 Annika MacDonald Priestlands  
July 1977 Mark McDonald Priestlands  
July 1977 Alison Pocock Talbot Heath  
July 1977 Sarah Thomas St. Michael's, Petworth  
July 1977 Stephen Canning Porta Via  
December 1977 Louise Brown Corfe Hills  
December 1977 Miles Goddard Bembridge  
December 1977 Daryl Reason Carisbrooke  
December 1977 James Rendle Milton Abbey  
December 1977 Richard Schoomberg Ringwood  
December 1977 Tristram Yarde-Leavett Sherborne  
March 1978 Peter Smith Radley  
March 1978 Martin Bowdler Sherborne  
March 1978 Sacha Dejey Milton Abbey  
March 1978 Mohammad Irvani St. David's  
March 1978 Greg Kelson Arnewood  
March 1978 Robert Kendall Sherborne  
March 1978 Robin Mangles Winchester  
March 1978 Peter Mayo Allhallows  
March 1978 Timothy Raworth Wellington  
March 1978 Roshanak Reyhani Bruton Girls' School  
March 1978 Nicholas Spence St. Edward's  
March 1978 Nigel Wills St. Edward's  
March 1978 Mina Zand California  
December 1978 James Allsebrook Shrewsbury  
December 1978 Kate Beattie Clayesmore  
December 1978 Peputtchai Benyabadhana Keil, Dollar  
December 1978 Philip Charlton (Crayson) Lancing  
December 1978 Gerard Crutchley Bradfield  
December 1978 Cameron Downie Lancing  
December 1978 Suzanne Moorhouse-Chilcot Waterford, Swaziland  
March 1979  Alasdair Murdoch Radley  
March 1979  Justin Young Radley  
July 1979 Stephen Andrew Milton Abbey  
July 1979 Rupert Batho St.Edwards   
July 1979 Benjamin Currie Christchurch  
July 1979 Edward Delamain Radley  
July 1979 Jonathan Moles St.Edwards   
July 1979 Timothy Rendle Marlborough  
July 1979 Richard Storer Canford  
July 1979 Gillian Williams Sherborne  
July 1979 Mark Wilson Grey Court  
December 1979 Richard Grimwood Milton Abbey  
December 1979 Paul  Headey Milton Abbey  
December 1979 Andrew Ross Sherborne  
December 1979 Elizabeth Roudiani Sherborne school for girls  
December 1979 Jeremy Smart King's, Canterbury  
December 1979 Benjamin Sowton Marlborough  

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