Michael Barnham shares his school time memories

From chasing butterflies, to eating bowls of dripping and early morning dips in the sea, Mike gives an account of his years as a boarder at Hordle House.

Memories of Hordle House, by Michael Barnham (Hordle House 1955-1960):

The following reminiscences are an extract from a larger memoir written by Michael Barnham in 1993 for his own purpose; to savour and reflect on a special time of his life. He has kindly agreed to share them with us so that others may induldge in reminiscing too. He notes "When recalling those days, I feel as if I was just the same person as I am today - odd, as I can look at a picture of myself in the Hordle uniform and find myself small, young and fresh faced (no grey hair!)."

We hope you enjoy casting yourself back to your childhood too...